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 Star Ocean Blue Sphere

Info at a glance:  Sequel to Star Ocean 2 (Second Story)

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:Basic Info:

Artist:  Aoi Mizuki

Volumes:  7 (Completed)


Receiving an emergrency message from Opera, Precis and Leon assembles their old friends from Expel to deal with a certain planet where things are going awry.


This has been called a "doujinshi" by some, mainly because of the emphasis on love and relationships rather than action and adventure.  Still, it does well in keeping the reader attached to the story.  Anyone who's a fan of the paired endings from Star Ocean 2 may as well like this series.

:Overall Score:

Art:  9/10.  The art is very gorgeous.

Story: 7/10.   If only the same could be said about the story.

Overall:  8.5/10.  Still, it's definitely worth the read.

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