Axis2M - Manga Review - Star Ocean 2 (The 2nd Story) 

Info at a glance:  Series based on a rpg videogame about the world Expel. 

:Basic Info: 

Artist:  Mayumi Azuma

Volumes: 7 (Completed)

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Claude C. Kenni of the Earth Federation goes on a expedition-gone-wrong and is teleported to an undeveloped planet named Expel.  It's there that he meets Rena, a mysterious girl with a special gift.  They go on a journey and meets friends and foes as they try to discover the secrets behind a strange "sorcery" globe.


Having played the video game from which this is based off of, I was very disappointed with the rushed ending for this manga series.  Still, the characters are well-portrayed, as are the the stories. 

:Overall Score:

Art:  8.5/10.  The characters are very pretty.

Story:  7.5/10.  It was a bit too rushed.

Overall:  7.5/10.  Still, quite enjoyable.