Axis2M - Manga Review - +Anima 

Info at a glance:  A tale of a few animal-like humans called +Anima. 

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:Basic Info:

Artist:  Mukai Natsumi

Volumes:  10 (Complete)


In the world featured in +Anima, there are extraordinary beings who are able to take on traits similiar to certain animals.  They are called +Anima.  For instance, the main character, Cooro, is able to spread dark wings like a raven.  The problem, however, is that many places don't accept Cooro's kind, or proceed to exploit their powers.  The story starts out when Cooro has discovered another of his kind, a mermaid-like being who he comes to know as Husky.  From there on starts their journey, as they discover other +Anima, and trek on to complete their goals.


The story is quite straightforward.  However, it seems more like a collection of mini-stories, with no particular direction.  The material is somewhat light-hearted, with its dark moments, but overall nothing that will make the reader depressed.  Each of the main characters become fleshed out and as the volumes progress, their stories are settled.  One plus side is that you can pick up reading the series at any volume (like first read volume 5) and you won't miss out on too much, because the series are like mini-stories.  +Anima is not too memorable, but it's a solid read for most manga readers.

:Overall Score:

Art:  8.5/10.  Each character has a specific look, and the scenery is drawn very well.

Story:  7.5/10.  As mentioned before, it's a good series, but not too remarkable.

Overall:  7.5/10.   Somewhat enjoyable to absorb.

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