Axis2M - Manhwa (Korean Manga)  Review - Moon Boy 

Info at a glance:  Rabbit people from the moon, and their fox predators. 

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:Basic Info (As of January 6th, 2008):

 Artist:  Lee young You

6 Volumes (ongoing).

Korean title:  월요일 소년 (Wol-yo-eel Soh-nyeon).


Myung-Ee's eyes get teary everytime the moon appears, as do her classmate, Lee Juda's.  Discovering that they're both rabbit-people, Myung-Ee also realizes the horrible fortune awaiting Lee Juda from his fox captors.  She vows to save Lee Juda, but is he really in need of help?


This series starts off rocky, but becomes immersive around the 2nd volume.  It has a bit of fanservice for female readers (cross-dressing), which can be both a plus and minus.

:Overall Score:

Art:  8.5/10.  Up to notch.

Story:  7/10.  However, not too original.

Overall:  7.5/10.  Still, it's somewhat promising.

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