Axis2M - Manhwa (Korean Manga) Review - Les Bijoux (Jewels)

Info at a glance:  Series about the son of a dwarf and hunchback lady and his revenge/love. 

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:Basic Info:

Korean title:  레 비쥬

Artist:   Park Sang Sun (박상선)

Author:  Jo Eun Ha (조은하)

Volumes:  5 (Completed)


A young boy seeks to overthrow the ruling party in the land.  Strangely enough, he morphs into a female who gains the love of his mortal enemy, who is hunting his male self throughout the land.


This is no ordinary manhwa.  The drawing is very detailed, and it's been said that the artist made many social sacrifices to complete this work. 

:Overall Score:

Art:  9.5/10. Exceedingly detailed.

Story: 8.5/10.  Engaging Story.

Overall: 9/10.  Entertaining.

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