Axis2M - Manhwa (Korean Manga) Review - Flash cat

Info at a glance: Story about two rivals whose parents have married and an odd girl from India. 

:Basic Info:

Flash Cat - (Korean title = 플래시캣)

Artist: Lee Kyoung Shin (이경신)

Volumes: 5 (complete)


Amyoung Doe and Padam Ma have always been cited as the misohnyun (handsome guy(s)) of their High School, but for some reason, they've been rivals for almost forever.  Suddenly, Amyoung's mother and Padam's father marry and go off on an extended vacation, forcing them to live together at Padam's house.  Then one day, Padam's father calls and tells them his deceased friend's daughter, Sihtah Ah is coming from India to live with them.  As their parents are absent, Padam and Amyoung deal with Sihtah, who seems to have a strange feline curse, and eventually, Madi Park moves in with her friend Heesook into the home.  As Amyoung and Padam deal with each other and their quirky new guests, odd circumstances and strange cats appear. (From


The reason why I made another page for this is that I hope that this series will be picked up by an English publisher/translator.  Here's to hoping.

:Overall Score:

Art: 9.5/10.  Very engaging aesthetics.

Story: 10/10.  A very well-rounded storyline.

Overall: 9/10.  Awesome to add to one's manhwa collection.

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