Axis2M - Manga Review - Eureka Seven 

Info at glance:  Series about a young male teen who meets those who change his life completely.

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:Basic Info:


 Writer:  Bones

Artists:  Jinsei Kataoka & Kazuma Kondou

Volumes:  6 (Complete)


Though Renton is the son of a hero, he lives a life he's bored of, in a peacefully-dull town.  It's one day that a machine crashes and he meets a girl named Eureka, who invites him to a new life and adventure.


Though there are many episodes in the anime, there are only 6 volumes of the manga.  Nevertheless, the story doesn't go too quickly, nor drag on.  It's very good as it is.  One thing that's quite memorable is the main character Renton, who's able to overlook hideousness, which poses the theory that "love is blind".

:Overall Score:

Art: 8.5/10.  The drawing is quite appealing, but not too extravagant.

Story:  10/10.  It's quite memorable, and the twists that unfold make it quite fun.

Overall:  9/10.  Brief, fun, and a treat to read.

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