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Info at a glance:  A crossdressing school student is a princess trying to avoid her arranged marriage. 


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:Basic Info

 Artist:  Kara

Writer: Lee Yun Hye

12 Volumes, with additional ones.

Korean title:  천행기 (Chun-heng-gi) aka "Destination Heaven Chronicles".


Seemingly normal Dong-Young is a crossdressing girl who acts as a guy at her school.  What others don't know is that she is actually a princess who's run away from the duty of marrying a demon king.  As others, especially those who are searching for her, discover her secret, many drastic measures are taken so that she doesn't have to go back.  Also, many secrets about the pasts of her and the ones around her are revealed along the way.



Having read the main 12 volumes of the series, I can say it's a series worth picking up.  The only part of concern is that the last few volumes drag on.  The problem of that is mitigated, however, with a worthwhile ending.  There's a lot of humor and romance in this, so it's pretty good for a soonjung series. 

:Overall Score:

Art:  9.5/10.  Very well-drawn.

Story:  8/10.  The only particular problem is the last few volumes which drag on, but it's not as noticeable if you read to the end.

Overall:  9/10.  Fun series to read on a rainy day.

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