Axis2M - Manga Review - Andante

Info at a glance:  A series done by the same author of  Kodomo no Omocha (Child's Toy).

:Basic Info:

Artist/Author:  Miho Obana

Volumes: 3 (Completed)


A girl named Mei has alwasy been in love with her stepbrother Natsu, a talented composer.  Problem is, a girl from Australia named Mel arrives to live with them.  How does everything settle out? 


The thing I loved about this wasn't a typical "good girl" vs. "bad girl" story.  Also, it didn't drag on too long.  I'd recommend it to anyone who wanted a quick read.

:Overall Score:

Art: 7.5/10.  Not mind-numbing, but pretty.

Story: 10/10.  Seems to stand out.

Overall:  9/10.  Good choice for a brief read.

:Extra Images: 

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