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Info at a glance:  Popular series set in a future Tokyo. 

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:Basic Info:

Artist:  Otomo Katsuhiro

Volumes:  B&W = 7 (Complete).


In Neo-Tokyo (made after the devastation of an earlier city), Kaneda and his gang of motorcylists are making their ground.  However, one of them, Tetsuo gets into an accident and is given much power with a lot of head pain.  Eventually, a child by the name of Akira is revived from sleep, and a new strange order appears.  The story chronicles the friendship and enmity between Kaneda and Tetsuo, the rebel Kei and the Colonel, and various characters.


I've read some of this series in a color and in black and white. The manga is somewhat unparalleled in its time. Though it's very violent, the characters are memorable, and the storyline is interesting-enough to keep on hooked.

It's different from the movie version, for which it is basically known.

Color, or black and white, if you're a fan of stories like Battle Royale, you'll probably like this.

:Overall Score:

Art: 7.5/10.  It's especially good from its time however.

Story: 9/10.  Quite original theme.

Overall: 8/10.  Well worth a read.

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