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Nikon Coolpix Camera Price In India

nikon coolpix camera price in india
    nikon coolpix
  • The Nikon Coolpix series is the point and shoot series of digital cameras produced by Nikon.
    in india
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nikon coolpix camera price in india - Nikon COOLPIX
Nikon COOLPIX S3100 14 MP Digital Camera with 5x NIKKOR Wide-Angle Optical Zoom Lens and 2.7-Inch LCD (Purple)
Nikon COOLPIX S3100 14 MP Digital Camera with 5x NIKKOR Wide-Angle Optical Zoom Lens and 2.7-Inch LCD (Purple)
Slim and stylish%85 fun and cool%21 The new COOLPIX S3100 is the easy way to share your life and stay connected%2E It%92s lightweight%2C colorful and fits easily in your hand or pocket%2C so you can capture fun everywhere%2E With its powerful 14%2Dmegapixels and 5x optical Zoom%2DNIKKOR glass lens%2C your images will be sharp and detailed%2E And 19 Scene Modes adjust the camera%92s settings automatically so it%91s easy to get that great shot every time%2E Exciting features like Pet Mode%2C Fisheye Lens and Miniature Effect let you experiment with shooting ideas so you can get creative and develop original works of art%96just as unique%0D%0Aas you are%21 Because your life doesn%92t stand still%2C HD movie recording is ready at the touch of a button%2E Nikon%92s innovative technology includes Electronic VR to reduce blurring and High ISO for great image quality for movies you%92ll love to share anywhere%2E The new COOLPIX S3100%85stay connected%2C share your%0D%0Alife%2E

86% (9)
#14 : Nikon Coolpix 2500 (perdu)
#14 : Nikon Coolpix 2500 (perdu)
Nikon Coolpix 2500 (2002) Un petit appareil que je me suis servi en Europe, compact, mais combien difficile a travailler...
Nikon Coolpix S210
Nikon Coolpix S210
Nikon Coolpix S210 pocket camera. 8 Megapixel, 2.5" LCD, Electronic VR.

nikon coolpix camera price in india
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