Fujifilm Camera Reviews - Camera Raw 4.6 Update.

Fujifilm Camera Reviews

fujifilm camera reviews
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fujifilm camera reviews - FinePix XP20
FinePix XP20 with Mini Tripod, Carry Case and 4GB SD Card
FinePix XP20 with Mini Tripod, Carry Case and 4GB SD Card
FUJI PHOTO FILM USA FinePix XP20 with Mini Tripod, Carry Case and 4GBSD CardThe Fuji 16124456 KIT comes complete with a FinePix XP20 14MP Black Digital Camera, largecarry case, mini tripod and 4GB SDHC Card. The camera offers a rugged and highly featured compact camera that will ensure outdoor loving photographersor adventure sports enthusiasts are well cateredto. It features 14 megapixels resolution with an impressive 5x wide zoom with dual image stabilization to shoot sharp image quality in any condition.The 2.7 inch LCD is clear and easy to see even inbright conditions and the bright LED lights the way in the dark. And it is equipped with a strengthened glass lens cover providing outdoor protection.Other features include one touch underwater movierecording, Motion Panorama with automatic stitch,Face Detection, HD Video, and more. All this is housed in a chassis that is waterproof, dustproof,shockproof and freezeproof. With a FinePix XP20 intheir backpack, outdoor photographers will be able to take their pictures to new heights.

89% (14)
Fujifilm FinePix S100FS
Fujifilm FinePix S100FS
Though it has been more than three weeks since I made a purchase of this massive point and shoot camera, I haven't had a good chance to shoot out... Always rainy when I have a day off and there are not much interesting to shoot except for buildings, cars and trains while I commute. Though I got rid of S6000fd, which was basically F30 with face detection in SLR looking body with long zoom, S100FS is bringing the point and shoot long zoom camera to the next level... with the features that were only available in S-Pro SLR cameras... Film Simulation and Dynamic Range with SuperCCD HR sensor. It is quite obvious that S100FS is not really a bridge camera from a compact digital camera to a digital SLR, but the bridge camera from a film camera to the digital camera. It sure gives the quality photos without refinement by postprocessing on a PC for most of photos so the main users are not really a processional or hobbiest photographers, but something in between. - Optical Stabilization works quite well - Film Simulation mode is very interesting... Velvia gives somewhat oversaturated result but no visible noice like many photos with tweaked saturation with postprocessing on PC. It offers .RAF option for tweaking with the CCD-RAW - Dynamic Range option finally covers the weakness of SuperCCD HR, but it seems it utilises what the other cameras already offer... such as D-range optimizer, D-lighting and similar names. Still, I wish this camera comes with SuperCCD SR Pro. - The quality of photos at ISO 800 and lower is amazing for the sensor size and ISO 1600 is still better than compact cameras. - Though many reviews say focusing is fast but it is not acceptable for me if I compare with Ricoh hi-zoom cameras. I wish it comes with passive AF sensor so passive AF works while shooting outside in adequate lighting and contrast AF works when shooting indoor. By the way in-door shooting focusing is relatively fast, especially shooting in macro mode... the weakness of F-series has been resolved here! Still, I find it not much different from S6000fd and my lovely F31fd but I admit macro focusing is good with S100FS. Since Fujifilm is a film and technology company, not a camera manufacturer, I buy Fujifilm cameras only when it takes different direction than the others, and I stick with it since FinePix F10!
Fujifilm FinePix X100 Film Simulation Sample
Fujifilm FinePix X100 Film Simulation Sample
Comparison of film simulation samples from the Fujifilm FinePix X100 camera. Film simulations are what Fujifilm calls their image rendering styles, patterned and named after their famous film brands: -Provia is the standard style. -Velvia is the vivid style. Colors are punchier and have more contrast. -Astia is the soft style and is decidedly more subdued.

fujifilm camera reviews
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