Overview of Axion Power International

If you are new to Axion Power International and doing your due diligence as a preclude to investing in Axion the most helpful single resource for your investigations is the Axion Power International website. You will find all of the important information on the various tabs offered including SEC documents under the Investors section, news stories under the "Axion in the News" tab, press releases, earnings conference call broadcasts and transcripts and more.

I have created links at the bottom of this page to some of the best content from other sources that will give you a good basic understanding of Axion Power's technology, history and challenges. Currently Axion's patented PbC lead-carbon battery is being tested by major US and European auto manufacturers for micro-hybrid (stop start technology) and mild-hybrid vehicles. It is also being tested for electric locomotives at Norfolk Southern. There are many potential applications for Axion's PbC batteries. Some of these include grid storage, renewable energy storage, oil rig power, home energy systems, and UPS systems. You can find comprehensive information about potential markets for Axion's PbC batteries in the Axion Investor Presentation and Corporate Back Grounder links below.

The Axion Power Concentrators on Seekingalpha are discussion threads by many current long-term investors in Axion. Information about the Concentrators is summarized on this web site's home page.  If you really want to investigate Axion fully you need no more information than Axion Power's web site and various articles and comments written by John Peterson on seekingalpha.com. A link to all his articles is on the home page of this web site as well. Good luck in your investigations. 

You can keep track of key events as they happen by following discussions, analysis and speculation in the comment 'threads of the latest Axion Power Concentrators on Seekingalpha.com. Making an investment in Axion is a speculative investment with the potential for large returns on your investment as well as the possibility you may lose it all. To realize the maximum potential gain you will most likely need to make a long-term investment you can hold for several years. While this section is a good starting point, be certain to read the latest Axion Power SEC Form 10Q's and all other related investment information on Axion's website before making any investment decision. 

A Quick Overview of Axion Power's Technology and Investment Opportunity

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