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SeekingAlpha Articles by Author
John Petersen. The most comprehensive collection of articles and analysis about Axion and the energy storage stock sector available anywhere. Recent article highlights include:

Axion Power, An Alternative View Of Dilution - John Petersen Instablog, Feb 2, 2012 
Why Supply And Demand Inflections Are Different - John Petersen Instablog, Jan 7, 2012
Four Years of Axion Monthly Volume Data - John Petersen Instablog, Jan 3, 2012

Latest Events & Headlines

Axion Power Reports Second Quarter Results For 2012, Axion Power Press Release

Notes And More From The June 21, 2012 Shareholders Conference and Annual Meeting Instablog on Seeking Alpha by  Mayascribe. 

U.S. DOE Awards Grant to Axion Power International to Fund Commercialization Plan for PbC® Batteries In Micro-Hybrid Vehicles - Axion Power Press Release

The Risks Of Owning Axion Stock -  A Discussion. Instablog on SeekingAlpha by Futurist.

Axion Power Reports 1st Quarter 2012 Results - Axion Power Press Release

When Will Axion See The End Of The Flipping? John Petersen Instablog

Test Driving An Automatic Start/Stop Automobile- The Wave Of The Future - Instablog by Futurist on SA

Axion Power Receives Initial Norfolk Southern Order for PbC® Batteries - Axion Power Press Release

Axion 4th Quarter and year end 2011 Conference Call Replay - available for the next 90 days starting April 2.

Axion Power™ Announces Date of its Fourth Quarter and Year-End 2011 Earnings Release and Conference Call

Axion Power Wiki now live as a repository of factual information about Axion Power International, Inc. and PbC® battery technology. 

Selling The PbC Battery - It's Not Easy Being Green! - Article by Bangwhiz

Axion Power International Closes Registered Direct Offering With Gross Proceeds of $9.4 Million

Axion Power Appoints Vani Dantam to Head Business Development, Sales & Marketing - Press Release

Solutions for the Smart Grid Rosewater Energy Utility Brocure

Grid Energy Storage Tom Granville interview

Production Capability Analysis Article by Futurist

Viridity And The Power Cube by Mayascribe. First hand report of the PowerCube Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.

Notes and More from Axion's Shareholder Conference by Mayascribe , the blog that started it all! Mayascribe's report of the 2011 Axion Annual Meeting July 21, 2011
About Us
We are a large group of individual investors in Axion Power International, Inc., focused on developing and sharing information regarding the potential risk and rewards in stock ownership and the future growth and success of Axion Power International, Inc. Axion's stock symbol is AXPW.OB on the Nasdaq Exchange. 

This website is a direct outgrowth of a phenomenal event in investing history when one person attended a Axion Power International Annual Shareholders Meeting and provided a first hand report via an Instablog on SeekingAlpha

The resulting comments to that article resulted in drawing together a large group of individual investors in Axion Power for the common purpose of gathering and exchanging information and taking collective action, when in the interests of the group, towards measuring Axion's progress in commercializing its patented PbC lead carbon battery.

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