IHTMD(Iranian HTM Developers)

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Group For Persian People Who Are Developing An HTM!

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Past Events:

  • HBRB: A New Challange In Machine Intelligance
    (8 Mar. 2009) (Bu-Ali Sina Univ.-Hamadan-Iran)
  • Thinking Like Human videos
    (19 Dec. 2007) (Bu-Ali Sina Univ.-Hamadan-Iran)

We have decided to create a community of Iranian People who are active in developing HTM Theory in any field (Neural Networks, Learning Algorithms, Applications and so on).

Advantages of joining this group, includes:

  • Holding Local Seminars and Conferences
  • Sharing information on researches done by now
  • Cooperative paper publication with active people in related fields like : Data mining, Word processing, Machine vision, Speech recognition, Stock Market Processing systems, ...
  • Finding better research fields and potentials
  • Source Code Sharing
  • ...

For every Persian developer who wants to start working with HTMs, the best Starting point is Joining this group.

You can join by mailing us your information and the state of your research or development.
E-mail: axaya3d.at.gmail.dot.com

NOTE:Researchers must have good resumes for approving as members of this community.
NOTE:New members will be in the pending status until they show their abilities.

Community News:

  • We are ready to accept new memberships.
  • Forum or a mailing list is going to provide for the community as soon as it gets large enough.

Current Members:
1. Nastaran Farahmand
(Bu-Ali Sina Univ.)
2. Hossein Ghiasy Rad

(Bu-Ali Sina Univ.)
3. Alireza Mokhtari
(Bu-Ali Sina Univ.)
4. Ali Nouri
(Bu-Ali Sina Univ.)
5. Alireza Nejati
(Shahid bahonar Univ.)

Pending Members:
1.Behnood Farshbaf

 (Arak Univ.)