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Robocup 3D Soccer Simulation Research Group

Research Topic :

Hierarchical Temporal Memory (HTM)
and its applications in Robocup Soccer Simulation

1. Dr. Dezfoulian PhD. of A.I.
2. Dr. Mirazi PhD. of Animal Physiology
3. Dr. Sadeghifar PhD. of Statistics and Math

1. Nastaran Farahmand
2. Hossein Ghiasy Rad
3. Alireza Mokhtari
4. Ali Nouri

1. N. Farahmand, M.H. Dezfoulian, H. GhiasiRad, A. Mokhtari, A. Nouri, "Online Temporal Pattern Learning", Accepted in
International joint conference on Neural Networks, IEEE, 2009.

Brain Science Challenge:

Computer Engineering Department of
Bu-Ali Sina University - Hamadan - Iran

Research Fields:

  • Cognitive Systems
  • Nonlinear Systems
  • Dynamical Systems¬†
  • Real-Time Systems
  • Online Learning
  • Spatial & Temporal Clustering


The team is Closed!

Seminar Vidoes are available at IHTMD