Theory of Partial Differential Equations have become a dynamic and interdisciplinary research area over the past several decades and have found wide applications in engineering, industry, life and earth sciences. 

Advanced Workshop on Partial Differential Equations and Applications (AWPDE2017) aims to gather researchers working in the wide fields of PDEs, providing a place to discuss the basics of PDEs and applications, novel methods, and future trends in the field and strengthen the link between young researchers who are  curious  in this area of research. The purpose is also  to bring experts in PDEs to promote the exchange of ideas and discuss their latest research contributions and achievements through special lectures.
    The workshop welcomes both young research scholars and young faculties who are interested in pursuing research in PDEs and their associated topics. 

     The main intention of this workshop is to initiate this area  starting from the basics  of theoretical PDEs to the advanced level  in order to encourage independent research, and provide a platform to learn the current state of art in the respective fields. We also intend to motivate the study by depicting the connection of PDEs with  its applications also (for ex., Control Theory, Inverse Problems, Medical Imaging and Remote sensing).