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Wedding Flowers Package

wedding flowers package
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wedding flowers package - Wedding bouquet
Wedding bouquet complete package bouquets silk bridal flowers weddings love ANNA BELLE LAVENDER
Wedding bouquet complete package bouquets silk bridal flowers weddings love ANNA BELLE LAVENDER
ANGIE COLLECTION! Simply a Beautiful Bridal Bouquet Package! If you love bouquets that are absolutely stunning, breathtaking and beautiful, this package is for you!! Uniquely designed! All items are carefully custom made, handcrafted by a specialist in floral design for over 20 years. Absolutely Full and Gorgeous! Individual boutonnieres and corsages are all handwrapped. The package includes the following: 1 BRIDAL BOUQUET, 3 BRIDESMAID BOUQUETS, 1 GROOM BOUTONNIERE, 3 GROOMSMEN BOUTONNIERES, 2 FATHERS BOUTONNIERES, 2 MOTHERS CORSAGES, 1 FREE THROWAWAY BOUQUET. All Boutonnieres and Corsages match the bridal bouquet as a beautiful complete set. All boutonnieres and corsages come with pearl pins. Please let us know should you have any questions. Our goal is to bring you quality and professionalism at an amazingly affordable price! This is one of your most special days. Make it the best! Good luck and God bless!!

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Presentation Packaging for Wedding Poppies
Presentation Packaging for Wedding Poppies
Anne and Ceri's wedding guests will wear Wychbury Poppies at their November weddings. Here are the 'fresh from the florist' boxes for their big days.
My handmade wedding gift box, with gift bag.
My handmade wedding gift box, with gift bag.
This was a gift box I made for my brother's wedding, and the gift bag I put it in.

wedding flowers package