Corner Flower Design

corner flower design
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corner flower design - August Hill
August Hill Corner TV Stand Oiled Oak Finish
August Hill Corner TV Stand Oiled Oak Finish
Inspired by the elegantly livedin look of true antique furniture, the August Hill Collection from Sauder Woodworking brings a bit of historic charm to any room. With it's warm Oiled Oak finish and Bronzed hardware, August Hill combines the look of handforged craftsmanship with today's modern featuresThe August Hill Corner TV Stand is designed to hold most flat panel TVs up to 42''. Stand makes use of previoulsy wasted corner space excellent for smaller rooms TV Stand features two home theater component bays (173/8''W x 191/4''D x 57/8''H ea) and two large media drawers designed to hold DVDs and CDs. Two wire management cutouts in back panel allow for easy routing of cords.The August Hill Collection is classically styled office furniture at a great value. Rugged engineered wood construction with solid wood mouldings and a durable laminate finish ensure this Corner TV Stand will give you years of worryfree enjoyment. Ships ready to assemble.

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thrift flower tins
thrift flower tins
well, this set of tins is not a very good but reasonable bargain, I love the flower pattern, and colors combination so much! The best is that little tin shelf comes with the set!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Springy lanterns
Springy lanterns
...or glass candleholders, covered with the same floral design fabric, in three different colour combinations: > white - pink > pink - green > green - pink

corner flower design