Buying Flower Bulbs

buying flower bulbs
    flower bulbs
  • (Flower bulb) A bulb is a short stem with fleshy leaves or leaf bases . The leaves often function as food storage organs during dormancy .
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buying flower bulbs - Jackson &
Jackson & Perkins Rose Companions: Growing Annuals, Perennials, Bulbs, Shrubs and Vines with Roses
Jackson & Perkins Rose Companions: Growing Annuals, Perennials, Bulbs, Shrubs and Vines with Roses
In association with Jackson & Perkins, Rose Companions is the first book devoted expressly to the exciting variety of plants that can be grown with roses in the garden. No longer must roses be considered appropriate only for the rose garden. Instead, today's roses offer an impressive array of characteristics that make them ideal plants for many landscape uses, including form, color, and fragrance. And the number of plants that make perfect partners for roses is astounding, including:
Rose Companions will give gardeners of all levels the information they need to create a beautiful landscape, whether they already have an established garden and want to add roses and other plants to it, or if they are growing roses and want to enhance them with companion plants, or if they are starting from scratch and have always dreamed of a garden lush with flowers-including roses.

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Flower stand
Flower stand
A Flower stand in the Bollenstreek, this stand is next to a road in a small town named De Zilk. Tourists stop here to buy flowers. The Bollenstreek (Dutch for "Bulb Region") is a region in the Netherlands consisting of areas in the provinces North Holland and South Holland that feature the cultivation of flower bulbs. The colourful flower fields that have come to symbolise Holland can be seen in these areas around April. The best known flower region extends from Leiden to Haarlem and includes the world famous Keukenhof in Lisse.
There are two main schools of thoughts about buying flowers. Number 1 is buy them to get out of trouble. Number 2 is buy them before you get in trouble. Well I believe in number 3. Buy them randomly, leave them around the house and don't mention who they're for or from. It is the much more fun than the traditional options. These are the first shots I've posted from the new Sigma 30mm lens. I love that 1.4 goodness.

buying flower bulbs
buying flower bulbs
Awesome Auger Professional Gardening Tool
Awesome Auger Professional Gardening Tool Awesome Auger makes yard work easy! Yard and garden tool takes the hard work out of yard work without bending. Great for vegetable gardens, flower gardens, remove vines and poison ivy without touching them. Loosen dirt, aerate soil and plant seeds. Simply attach to any size drill (fits 3/8" and 1/2" electric and cordless drills) and pull the trigger. It breaks through hard dirt and clay, cuts through thick roots, and powers out rocks and stumps. Great for digging post holes, planting trees, bulbs and shrubs, removing weeds, aerating soil, and tilling and cultivating plants. Mixes paint and concrete too! Plant bulbs Plant flowers Aerate soil Mix cement and paint Includes: 4 " Awesome Auger 3 " Ground Aug 12 " Power Extender Lock Pin Instructions