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  • A city in southern Nevada; pop. 478,434. It is noted for its casinos and nightclubs
  • largest city in Nevada; located in southeastern Nevada; originally settled by Mormons but is now famous for entertainment and gambling and general excess
  • McCarran International Airport is the principal commercial airport serving Las Vegas and Clark County, Nevada, United States. The airport is located five miles (8 km) south of the central business district of Las Vegas, in the unincorporated area of Paradise in Clark County.
  • The Las Vegas Amtrak station is located at Railroad Street & Lincoln Avenue in Las Vegas, New Mexico. The station is near the Hotel Castaneda, a former hotel built by Fred Harvey for the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad.
  • A route that forms part of a system regularly used by aircraft
  • An organization providing a regular public service of air transportation on one or more routes
  • a hose that carries air under pressure
  • a commercial enterprise that provides scheduled flights for passengers
  • An airline provides air transport services for passengers or freight, generally these companies with a recognized operating certificate or license. Airlines lease or own their aircraft with which to supply these services and may form partnerships or alliances with other airlines for mutual benefit.
  • A pipe supplying air
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Finnair MD-11 - Official airline of Santa Claus
Finnair MD-11 - Official airline of Santa Claus
Finnair is the national airline of Finland. The Finnish government is the major shareholder in the company at 56.3% with other stack holders making up the rest. Finnair fly's national and intonational routes as well as being part of the oneworld alliance. I've flown with Finnair a few times now and they run a very good fleet of aircraft + good service as well. I do love the MD-11 that we were parked up next to with the graphics down the side of is saying "Official airline of Santa Claus"
Finncomm Airlines - OH-ATF - ATR 72-212A
Finncomm Airlines - OH-ATF - ATR 72-212A
Finncomm Airlines' flight FC 3885 departuring from runway 22R at Helsinki Airport for a domestic flight to Kuopio. Codeshare flight with Finnair as flight AY 3885. Plane information: Serial number: 744 First flight date: 3.3.2007 Test registration: F-WWEE Delivery date: 16.3.2007 Taken at Helsinki Airport 8.7.2011.

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