Reflective sun shade : Shades of brown models.

Reflective Sun Shade

reflective sun shade
  • capable of physically reflecting light or sound; "a reflective surface"
  • Produced by reflection
  • Providing a reflection; capable of reflecting light or other radiation
  • Relating to or characterized by deep thought; thoughtful
  • devoted to matters of the mind; "the reflective type"
  • brooding: deeply or seriously thoughtful; "Byron lives on not only in his poetry, but also in his creation of the 'Byronic hero' - the persona of a brooding melancholy young man";
    sun shade
  • (Sun-shades) can also refer to the sun-shading eyepiece-type, although the term is not exclusive to these. Also in use is the derivative abbreviation, shades.
  • A space sunshade or sunshield can be described as analogous to a parasol that s or otherwise reduces some of a star's rays, preventing them from hitting a planet and thereby reducing its insolation, which results in less heating of the planet.
  • A parasol, awning, or other device giving protection from the sun
reflective sun shade - Spring Sun
Spring Sun Shade for Cars - Hello Kitty Pink
Spring Sun Shade for Cars - Hello Kitty Pink
The ever adorable Hello Kitty is back again! Introducing the Hello Kitty Pink Spring Sun Shade for Cars. Allow this adorable mesh sun shade to shield you from the ravaging effects of the sun! This sun shade is very easy to install, just clip the suction cups into the holes on the sun shade and press it against your side window. This design shows the very cute Hello Kitty in her classic adorable pink attire! Now you can display your love of Hello Kitty on the go and protect your car from damaging heat at the same time! Get your Hello Kitty Pink Spring Sun Shade for Cars today! Dimensions: 14 1/4 x 17 1/4 inches. (Warning: Not for use on windshield or rear window. This product is not a toy for children.)

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The Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre in Broadbeach. The Infinity Club is pleased to announce that the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre has been awarded our "Global Cooling Award" in recognition of the valuable contribution made in combating Global Warming. The most effective action that can be taken to combat Global Warming is to reflect sunlight back into space before it is converted into heat on Earth. This award is given because the building in this photo is white and has a highly reflective roof. This helps to cool the building and the planet by reflecting more sunlight and therefore generating less heat. This can still be improved upon even further by making some of the stonework around the building and especially the car parks and driveways white, or by providing shading from the sun with white reflective shades. Global Warming and Climate Change can be stopped completely, simply by:- 1. Painting or making everything white, with the exception of vegetation. 2. Re-planting all the trees that we have lost. 3. Increasing cloud cover by 12% to 18%. If we stop excess heat being generated by the sun in the first place, then atmospheric carbon (greenhouse gas) is not a problem. Please don't forget to add a comment, or at least, just say hi, when you have viewed this photo !
Eyes of a Female Rabid Wolf Spider (Rabidosa rabida)
Eyes of a Female Rabid Wolf Spider (Rabidosa rabida)
A very large spider, one of the largest I have seen from this species. At least 2 inches including the legs. Very cool stripes along the carapce and the abdomen. Photographed with the 28mm reversed on a few extension tubes. I'm pretty sure this one was an adult female. Everyonce in a while she would kind of play dead and fold her legs up underneath her body like she was dead, but once I would get close with the camera, she would hop up and run away. These spider are really pretty fast, and are hard to get close too and find unless you have them in a wide open space where you can find them again if they attempt an escape. I could have gotten out the bellows and filled almost the full frame with just her large eyes, but for some reason I felt kind of bad for disturbing her, as it was unbearably hot out in the sun, which she seemed to hate as she would always run for the shade. So I just took a few photos and put her back out in some shade in the yard. (On a side note, a few days ago I found an adult female Brown Recluse. It was my first time to come across a potentially dangerous spider, so I photographed it wearing gloves. They are interesting spiders, but not so attractive up close.)

reflective sun shade
reflective sun shade
Large Size Spring Sun Shade - Metallic Silver
Protect your car's interior with the Jumbo Size Spring Sun Shade - Metallic Silver from AJ! The silver reflective screen is designed to protect against heat of the sun's ravaging heat! Keep your car interior cool and prevent your car interior from cracking and fading. This sun shade is easy to store away and won't take a lot of space; just fold and twist to store it away in its compact sized shape, secured with a velcro strip. The large sized sun shade will fit almost any SUV or truck or newer model sedans with a large windshield (Dimensions: 53 inch x 27 inch.) Protect your car from harsh sun rays, and get the Jumbo Size Spring Sun Shade - Metallic Silver today!