Insulated Drapery Liners. Canopy Tent For Rent. 80s Shutter Shades.

Insulated Drapery Liners

insulated drapery liners
  • Prevent the passage of electricity to or from (something) by covering it in nonconducting material
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  • Long curtains of heavy fabric
  • Drapery is a general word referring to cloths or textiles (Old French drap, from Late Latin drappus ). It may refer to cloth used for decorative purposes - such as around windows - or to the trade of retailing cloth, originally mostly for clothing, formerly conducted by drapers.
  • The lining of a garment
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insulated drapery liners - ThermaLogic Ultimate
ThermaLogic Ultimate Blackout Thermal Liner - Fits Grommet - Pinch Pleat - Tab Top - Tailored Panels
ThermaLogic Ultimate Blackout Thermal Liner - Fits Grommet - Pinch Pleat - Tab Top - Tailored Panels
Make any curtain panel or drapery a blackout window treatment by adding Thermalogic Blackout Liners! A true multi-purpose blackout liner that will not only blackout light, but will add tremendous insulating properties to your current window treatments. (See video below) Can be used with pinch pleat, tab top, grommet and rod pocket panels. Available in either 56" or 77" lengths. (Choose 56" to line 63" panels 77" to line 84" panels.) Facing is 80% polyester and 20% cotton; backing is 100% acrylic suede, both done in neutral white. Machine washable for easy care. Features 1 inch side hems and 1/4 inch bottom hem. Finally an easy solution that enables you to incorporate the world's best insulating and blackout technology by Thermalogic to your existing window treatments. Easy multi-function installation: Grommet Top: Grommets are included on liner so you simply line the grommets of the cutain panel up with the grommets on the liner. Pinch Pleat: A header cord is attached that has loops that slide over your existing drapery pins. Tab Top: 4" tie strings are attached to loops which you secure to the tab top. Rod Pocket Panel: Liner has it's own rod pocket and hangs on a separate rod behind. Click here for Measuring Guide

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Silicone insulated Extruder
Silicone insulated Extruder
For sticking the temperature sensor and the insulated nicrome wire onto the brass so far we used some kind of black cement paste that is normally used for fixing stoves. There are three different brands available in my favorite store but they are all really the same. It works well but you have to be very careful with the connectors since it is brittle. So we had the idea to use high silicone for the insulation. There are many different high temperature silicone brands available that claim to withstand temperatures up to 350C. The first I got into my hands claims to withstand 300C and was sold for 1.50 Euro at a supermarket . It works but for about two hours it gave off some smoke. Our theory is that it's some oil or something that's in the silicone. After we burnt that out of the silicone it worked quite well. The temperature sensor does not touch the metal very much so we get low temperature readings but we compensate for that in software. Next step will be to get some (supposedly) higher quality high temperature silicone that claims to withstand 350C (and hopefully does not give smoke for the first two hours) and find a better way to mount the temperature sensor.
BN Insulated Box Car 748601
BN Insulated Box Car 748601
This BN insulated box car is on display along the River's Edge Trail in Great Falls, MT. It is used by the city Parks Dept. for storage (note the door in the end of the car). Canon EOS 350D Digital Rebel XT Canon EFS 18-55mm lens

insulated drapery liners
insulated drapery liners
Premium Quality Blackout Curtains, 84"wide x 54"long Tab Top Pair-Beige
Our room darkening blackout curtains will block out all light giving you total privacy. not 99% blackout, they are 100% blackout! No light will pass through this slub-textured fabric that has a triple layer of acrylic foam. These curtains are energy efficient and will save money on your heating and electric bills. Keep out drafts in the winter and heat in the summer. Great for media rooms because they will prevent sun glare on your TV screen or computer monitor. Each pair contains two panels that are 42" wide with 7 tabs each. Available in 54", 63", 84" and 95" lengths. Poly/Cotton Face, Acrylic Back, Dry Cleaning Recommended.