Internal shutters. Table drapes. Wood queen canopy bed.

Internal Shutters

internal shutters
  • Inside the body
  • Of or situated on the inside
  • happening or arising or located within some limits or especially surface; "internal organs"; "internal mechanism of a toy"; "internal party maneuvering"
  • home(a): inside the country; "the British Home Office has broader responsibilities than the United States Department of the Interior"; "the nation's internal politics"
  • Existing or occurring within an organization
  • occurring within an institution or community; "intragroup squabbling within the corporation"
  • Close (a business)
  • (shutter) close with shutters; "We shuttered the window to keep the house cool"
  • Close the shutters of (a window or building)
  • (shutter) a mechanical device on a camera that opens and closes to control the time of a photographic exposure
  • (shutter) a hinged blind for a window
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NXG Technology NX-3DGRK Children's Active Shutter Rechargeable 3D Glasses For Samsung - Small
NXG Technology NX-3DGRK Children's Active Shutter Rechargeable 3D Glasses For Samsung - Small
Transform your entertainment experience and bring 3D Movies, Sports, Cartoons, and Television to life right in your own home.
Totally immerse yourself in lifelike realistic three-dimensional environments available in today's entertainment offerings.
Available in two sizes (adult 150mm wide with 4 interchangeable nose-pieces & child 130mm wide) ensures a comfortable, perfect fit for the entire family.
Compatible with Samsung C-Series 3D-capable IR TVs and 3D-Ready Mitsubishi TVs with internal or external IR emitter(Not Included) and 120Hz Projectors with emitter.
The TV communicates with the glasses using an infrared transmitter that is included with the television.
COMPATIBLE WITH Samsung: LCD "C" 750 series, LED "C" 7000, 8000 and 9000 series, PDP "C" 7000 and 8000 series
NOT compatible with Samsung "D" series televisions (which don't have an IR emitter) and will NOT work with other blue-tooth glasses.

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D300 shutterlag, some secrets
D300 shutterlag, some secrets
Some secrets of the Nikon D300. The shutter lag on the D300 depends on the mode, 12 or 14 bits resolution. You should take this into account when designing with external shutters. The drawings show the results of the LA. In 12 bit mode the shutterlag is about 53 msec. The external shutter can not open faster or you miss the shot. In 14 bit mode this time extended to 98 msec. The speed of multiple shots depends ofcourse again from the 12 or 14 bit mode. practical the most usefull speeds are 6 pictures/sec for 12 bit mode and 2.7 for 14 bit mode. I like to set this speed at 2.5 picture/sec if I use multiple shots. This will work for both ADC settings. But this timing are all for actieve display of the camera, If the camera is into standby, display off, you have to add 200 msec extra to the shutterlag. The worsecase timing for the shutterlag in 12 bit mode from sleep is about 253 msec, for the 14 bit mode this is near 300 msec. Using an external shutter can not go open before this minimum shutterlag. Ofcourse this delays are only to charge for the minimum startup value. If you are waiting for a trigger once this minimum time expires, you only have to deal with the external shutter-lag. For one of the fastest shutter, the Uniblitz VS14, this time is near 3.5 msec. Once the startuptime is passed the flash can be driven near 4 msec after activation of the external shutter. Now how fast the shutter release after the shutter command? Well not fast at all! If you are in manual mode, minimum startup time passed, and you release the shuttercommand then only after 77 msec the camera close the shutter. I had hoped this time would be very short but that is not true. You can not shorten the opening time between external and internal shutter through this methode.
Window with Internal Shutter
Window with Internal Shutter
Had a trip out to the old disused Morisset Hospital Criminally Insane Unit. The Buildings were vacated in 1994 and the last two inmates moved to Long Bay gaol. Not one pane of glass was unbroken. The walls covered in Grafitti and hundreds of roof tiles smashed. This shot is of the only room I could find that still had an internal shutter in place.

internal shutters
internal shutters
New AGI Vc-Ca-Ir120 Infrared Camera Built-In Light-Source Sensor Auto Electronic Shutter
All products are covered with 30-day DOA warranty. Customers should submit claims within 30 days from the invoice date. All software may only be returned for refund within 30 days of the invoice date only if the packaging is unopened in factory seal. No software returns will be accepted after 30 days. Authorized credit/refunds must be received within 14 days of the original invoice date, and subject to a 20% restocking fee. Merchandise received without an RMA number and unauthorized items will be refused at the customer's expense. Special orders, custom-made systems, CPUs, Hard Disks, and memory are not returnable for credit. Lens Furnished 4.0mm~9.0mm, F1.6 Auto Iris Vari-Focal Lens: BLC ON: AES ON: ATW ON: AGC ON: Shutter Control: 1/60~1/100k sec. (NTSC): 1/50~1/110k sec. (PAL). Power Supply DC 12V/2A or AC 24V/800mA (recommended): Power Consumption 12W: Water Resistance IP66: Operating Temp -10degrees to 60degrees (14degreesF to 140degreesF): IR LED Radiant Distance 100 feet / 30 meters. Built-in high quality CCD Camera with high performance Infrared Illuminator module. Infrared Illuminator with an effective range of up to 30 meters which assists cameras in providing a clear image when under completely dark areas. Infrared Illuminator has a built-in 28 pieces of 850nm wavelength long distance Infrared Light-Emitting Diode. Built-in light-source sensor can automatically turn on/off the Infrared Illuminator by detecting the light source of the environment. Weatherproof Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor use. Built-in functions: Auto White Balance (AWB): Auto Gain Control (AGC): Auto Electronic Shutter (AES).