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Canopies For Shade

canopies for shade
  • Cover or provide with a canopy
  • (canopy) cover with a canopy
  • (canopy) the transparent covering of an aircraft cockpit
  • (canopy) the umbrellalike part of a parachute that fills with air
  • relative darkness caused by light rays being intercepted by an opaque body; "it is much cooler in the shade"; "there's too much shadiness to take good photographs"
  • represent the effect of shade or shadow on
  • Darken or color (an illustration or diagram) with parallel pencil lines or a block of color
  • Screen from direct light
  • Cover, moderate, or exclude the light of
  • shadow: cast a shadow over

Pomona College String Theory - Commencement Canopy
Pomona College String Theory - Commencement Canopy
The shade structure is based on Voronoi tessellations, algorithms of weaving and lace-making, coordinated with a solar incidence angle study that determines an optimum density pattern, allowing for shade where most needed, and keeping the canopy as lightweight and wind transparent as possible. The net’s lattice of trucker’s nylon strap webbing and rip-stop parachute materials follows a pattern derived from string figures called “clown’s collar.”
New Shade Product / Design Category
New Shade Product / Design Category
Shade Pergolas, like this one, combine high-quality, handcrafted pergola structures with exclusive retractable and integrated canopy systems that provide functional architectural style to outdoor living areas. Because Shade Pergolas are the first of their kind, the product and its makers are essentially creating a new “shade product / design category” for designers, builders and homeowners.

canopies for shade