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Drape Install

drape install
  • Place (someone) in a new position of authority, esp. with ceremony
  • Establish (someone) in a new place, condition, or role
  • put into an office or a position; "the new president was installed immediately after the election"
  • place; "Her manager had set her up at the Ritz"
  • Place or fix (equipment or machinery) in position ready for use
  • set up for use; "install the washer and dryer"; "We put in a new sink"
  • curtain: hanging cloth used as a blind (especially for a window)
  • Arrange (cloth or clothing) loosely or casually on or around something
  • place casually; "The cat draped herself on the sofa"
  • arrange in a particular way; "drape a cloth"
  • Adorn, cover, or wrap (someone or something) loosely with folds of cloth
  • Let (oneself or a part of one's body) rest somewhere in a casual or relaxed way

View from dining room to front window in living room. After shot, new drapes installed. We don't know what to do with this room, so for the time being Mercy thinks of it as her sun lounge.
Mama Hanging Drapes
Mama Hanging Drapes
Here's my mom, finishing up the drapes, making the tops stand up right. It was hard work getting the hardware installed, and pushing all four panels onto that wide rod.

drape install
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