Sliding Shutters

sliding shutters
  • Close (a business)
  • (shutter) a mechanical device on a camera that opens and closes to control the time of a photographic exposure
  • (shutter) a hinged blind for a window
  • (shutter) close with shutters; "We shuttered the window to keep the house cool"
  • Close the shutters of (a window or building)
  • Floating, gliding or sliding refers to a group of footwork-oriented dance techniques and styles closely related to popping, which attempt to create the illusion that the dancer's body is floating smoothly across the floor or that the legs are walking while the body travels in unexpected
  • Sliding is a type of frictional motion between two surfaces in contact. This can be contrasted to rolling motion. Both types of motion may occur in bearings.
  • being a smooth continuous motion
  • Move along a smooth surface while maintaining continuous contact with it
  • Move smoothly, quickly, or unobtrusively
  • Move (something) along a surface in such a way
sliding shutters - Open I
Open I Close: Windows, Doors, Gates, Loggias, Filters (Scale)
Open I Close: Windows, Doors, Gates, Loggias, Filters (Scale)
The new Scale series provides practical tools for architects and students of architecture.
Each volume analyses the construction process from the first design idea to the call for bids, covering the fundamental design principles and concrete details. The series title, Scale, signifies that the perfect detail is the result of a process through various levels of conception and design, from the abstract to the particular.
Although the focus is on communicating hands-on constructional know-how, Scale s innovative presentation does not just simply show solutions, but demonstrates how to develop them.
Each volume presents essential information for design and implementation, from the first sketches to details of connectors in a scale of 1:10. Consistency in the plans and drawings, clear hierarchies in the headings and structure, and a clear, easily readable layout with helpful captions simplify the search for specific information, and make Scale volumes ideal for quick, targeted consultation.
Scale is conceived as a series of practical textbooks which can be used independently of each other, but also supplement and build on each other to constitute a reference work on construction design.
Designing and Constructing openings
The first volume of the SCALE series Open | close examines a simple but effective building element, the Opening, illuminating the path from idea to realization in its various facets.
The concept of Open | Close includes not only elements such as windows, doors, gates, loggias and skylights, which communicate between exterior and interior space, but also the structure of the building itself. Because Openings define and determine the relationship of the building to public space, they also determine the character of the site. The analysis of conception, form and construction of opening elements is supplemented and illustrated by international examples of best applications.

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Lateral Sliding Shutters
Lateral Sliding Shutters
• High traffic areas • Vandal proof and graffiti resistant • Security and ventilation • Reliability • Custom built for all structural requirements and architectural designs • Fully recessed, bi-fold or tilt options available • Whisper quiet acoustic kits
Compact camera sliding slot shutter
Compact camera sliding slot shutter
Got some 3200ASA film to do 'action pinhole' so I added a sliding shutter to this camera (25mm f85) to reduce exposure time to about 1/100 th of a second. Seems to have worked. Next step is to reduce the shutter to a sensible size for hand hold operation.

sliding shutters
sliding shutters
Sliding Door Shutters 50" x 60"
More and more customers are fitting sliding folding doors in their homes in order to bring the outside garden into their room by making it all feel as one big living space. The problem that everyone has is what to use as a window covering as curtains would just get in the way and blinds are stacvked at the top and have ugly cords hanging down each side. Sliding door shutters are the answer as they can be either hinged on frames or also be installed using tracks, so they flow in the same direction as your doors to give you easy access to get in and out. Made from FSC certified hardwood, they arfe kiln dried so there is no warping and twisting, spray painted in the color of your choice and then the shutters have a UV protective spray put over them. Call one of our customer care team today for help on measuring for tracks or send them a photo of the window as they can then mark out on the photo where to measure. We also have measuring and installation videos for you to watch to help mahe the whole shutter ordering process more simple. If you do place an order with us ,one of the team will call you to go through the whole order with you to ensure that there are no mistakes before it is submitted to manufacturing.