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Drapery Track

drapery track
  • Cloth coverings hanging in loose folds
  • Long curtains of heavy fabric
  • The artistic arrangement of clothing in sculpture or painting
  • curtain: hanging cloth used as a blind (especially for a window)
  • Drapery is a general word referring to cloths or textiles (Old French drap, from Late Latin drappus ). It may refer to cloth used for decorative purposes - such as around windows - or to the trade of retailing cloth, originally mostly for clothing, formerly conducted by drapers.
  • cloth gracefully draped and arranged in loose folds
  • A rough path or minor road, typically one beaten by use rather than constructed
  • A prepared course or circuit for athletes, horses, motor vehicles, bicycles, or dogs to race on
  • path: a line or route along which something travels or moves; "the hurricane demolished houses in its path"; "the track of an animal"; "the course of the river"
  • The sport of running on such a track
  • carry on the feet and deposit; "track mud into the house"
  • observe or plot the moving path of something; "track a missile"
drapery track - Makita Automatic
Makita Automatic Drapery Opener, 9' Single Track
Makita Automatic Drapery Opener, 9' Single Track
AUTOMATICALLY OPEN AND CLOSE YOUR DRAPERIES! Imagine ... waking up to the soft morning sunshine as your bedroom draperies silently glide open! By automatically closing your draperies during peak daylight hours, the system protects your valuable and expensive home furnishings from the sun's harsh, damaging rays. Track speed of 10 inches per second. The Opener self-centers draperies and has an automatic stop. It also incorporates an automatic cut-off to help prevent motor over-heating. With the Makita drapery remote controller you can control the opening and closing of your draperies easily from your bed or armchair. Maximum operating range of the remote control unit is 33 feet. The timer allows for hands free operation. Simply preset the times you wish your draperies to open or close up to 4 times per day. Easy to install! Complete step by step instructions take you from start to finish in minutes. You'll need a Phillips screwdriver, pliers, the appropriate fasteners for mounting in your wall or ceiling, a hacksaw and a drill. The infrared remote allows the elderly and physically challenged to lead a more self-sufficient and enhanced quality of life.

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Stage Drapery Austrain Curtain at the Gibson LA
Stage Drapery Austrain Curtain at the Gibson LA
The front curtain in a no-loft stage is sometimes rigged as a Brail curtain to achieve a faster and more-desirable lifting action than the slower motion of a traveller curtain. In this case the amount of lift on each drawline is equal, eliminating the need for the abnormal fullness of a contour curtain. When in it's lowered/closed position, a braille curtain will simply hang with the look of a regular drape with fullness. The lift lines will be strategically and evenly placed on the back side of the drape on the seams. To add a decorative quality the curtain may have horizontal fullness added by gathering material on the vertical seams, thereby producing a series of soft swags. Best known as an Austrian curtain. The image to the left shows an Austrian Curtain being raised. Typical Fabric Choices for a brail or austrian drape include Encore Velour and Irridescent Silky Charmeuse. Track Recommendations for this type of application will vary depending on the number of lift lines. A motorized system is necessary for this type of drape and will require installation space and electrical elements to be positioned by a licensed contractor.
Burgundy Velour Contour Drapery on Stage at the Greek LA
Burgundy Velour Contour Drapery on Stage at the Greek LA
The contour curtain is made is a single panel with great fullness, usually about 200 percent of the curtain width. The curtain, which is made of thin or soft material to drape well, is tripped by a series of vertical draw lines attached to the bottom edge of the curtain and running through rings on the back to pulleys attached on the batten. By varying the lift on certain lines the bottom edge of the curtain takes on many different contours. Typical Fabric Choice for a contour drape is Irridescent Silky Charmeuse. For a spectacular piece consider metal boucle or liquid lame. Track Recommendations for this type of application will vary depending on the number of lift lines and whether they are motorized or not. A decorative set piece that is not intended to move can be rigged with fixed lines from a batten and will not require any track.

drapery track