Baby Car Seat Shade

baby car seat shade
    car seat
  • A car seat is the chair used in automobiles. Most car seats are made from cheap, but durable materials, made to withstand as much beating as possible. The material for these seats is usually used for the back of the seat, as well as the part where one's posterior goes.
  • a seat in a car
  • Soup is the second album by the American rock band Blind Melon, released shortly before vocalist Shannon Hoon's fatal drug overdose, making it his final album with the band. Thematically, the album is much darker than the band's multi-platinum debut.
  • Screen from direct light
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This was taken immediately after they presented my 'Mother of the Year' award
This was taken immediately after they presented my 'Mother of the Year' award
(A few weeks ago) I went to go pick up O from the nanny and she and the nanny and the other little girl were walking up the street. I parked in the driveway and they walked up and the girls wanted to play in the car. Fine. Driver's side door was open and they are crawling around and I realize O is in the backseat playing with the door handle so I automatically lock all the doors so she doesn't open it and go falling out (on a hill). I ask her to climb into her carseat, which she does independently for the first time, we applaud her, I grab the other little girl out of the car and go to open the back door to strap her in and close the front door, and yikes. Realize what I've done. Locked her in the car with the keys and my cell phone and wallet and everything else I would need to get help. I borrow the nanny's phone to call Ryan... 10 times... no answer. I am starting to freak out a little because.... nothing is happening, but it just seems like a bad situation? Like, how am I going to get my baby out of the car? Finally realize I should call 911, since our roadside assistance is linked to our insurance, whose phone number is, of course, locked in the car. At this point, O has climbed out of her seat and the nanny is trying to get her to press the button to unlock the door. I call 911 from the nanny's cell phone and tell them I locked my kid in the car and casually ask when they think someone could get there. I am told quite firmly that they take this situation VERY SERIOUSLY. I start to well up a little, because I have clearly fucked up and now there are going to be a lot of people who get to see. First fire truck arrives with six firemen. Six. Firemen. They all surround the car, which doesn't make Olivia bat an eye. She is pointing at the fire truck and I can see her saying "Fire Truck!" excitedly, but can't seem to tear herself away from finally getting to be alone with mom's purse, and pulling everything out and going through it. I am... a little tense? The firemen are all very calm and since she is happy (really, she couldn't be happier), and in the shade and it's not hot, they will take their time deciding how to handle it. If she gets upset, they will break a window. While I logically know nothing is wrong, I am still feeling pretty anxious. They had to call another fire engine because their truck didn't have the tools to try to jimmy into the car, so then there are twelve firemen, not to mention all the neighbors at this point, surrounding the car. We're still trying to get her to open the door, but she's too occupied with the cd player by then. 45 minutes she was locked in there, the entire time having 12 strange firemen peering at her and talking to her, as well as me, her nanny, and the other little girl and her mom. The firemen couldn't get in, we ended up calling a tow truck, who broke in in about two seconds (I'm still unclear why it took 40 minutes to tell me we should do this, but whatever), and when we opened the door and I got to hug my baby, she just wanted to get back in the car. Sigh. Then she got to climb in the firetruck. I really think she thought the whole thing was a good time. Me, on the other hand? Still not recovered.
Transformers Baby Afghan
Transformers Baby Afghan
This little boys baby afghan is three shades of blue. Each block varies with it's own pattern, the bottom right featuring the Transformers emblem. Knitted out of acrylic yarn and crocheted together this afghan is machine washable. Just lay flat to dry. This blanket measures 21 x 17. The perfect size blanket to keep them warm in the stroller, car seat, or in their crib. If you are interested in purchasing your baby a little blanket of their own please visit my profile for more information. Don't let your child be brought over to the dark side by the evil Decepticons!

baby car seat shade