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Where the Buck Stops - Part 2

11/13/2012 : Where the Buck Stops - Part 2 (flyer)

Purdue Math Administrators will sit down for an informal chat with math graduate students in theLibrary Lounge on Tuesday, November 13th from 3:00-4:00 pm. They will answer any and all questions about the department and the math graduate program. It will also be a great opportunity to follow up on what the PUMa Reps have been working on and hear about the progress with the issues that were brought up in the last Town Hall meeting.

Our guests for this event will be Professors:

Rodrigo Banuelos (Computer Committee Chair)
Steve Bell (Grad Chair)
David Goldberg (Future Grad Chair)
Laszlo Lempert (Head)
Dominic Naughton (Assistant Head)
Antonio Sa Barreto (Associate Head)

Please join us and bring along all your questions!

photos of the event