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A Chat with Erika Camacho

04/06/2012: A Chat with Erika Camacho (flyer)

Professor Erika Camacho from Arizona State University is visiting Purdue this week. There are two events we're involved in, and we wanted to invite you to:
On Thursday April 5th, Prof. Camacho is giving a joint talk with the Math Club entitled, "Insights to Success Before, During, and After Graduate School Through My Story". The talk will be in REC 113 at 6pm.
The following day, Friday April 6th at 2 pm, Prof. Camacho will meet with AWM members in *MATH 817* for a chat about her mathematical studies and career. She's passionate about social activism and she's a co-founder and co-director of AMMSI, a program which focuses on the recruitment of women and underrepresented minorities. Her research interest lies in nonlinear PDEs, and she has collaborated with biologists and sociologists in an effort to bring more realism to the mathematical models.
Her life story is full of insights and lessons of empowerment for all, so we're hoping you can join us!
For more information, here's a link to her webpage: