Basic Skills Workshop

Our AWM Chapter is organizing a 'Basic Skills' workshop about non-math techniques and skills needed for grad school and afterwards. Here are some possible topics:
  1. Software-related: Latex, Beamer, personal webpage design, Matlab, ...
  2.  Career-related: writing grant proposals, building a good CV, job applications, job interviews and contracts, ...
  3. Other: giving a good presentation, writing a paper, ...
Please let us know if you have any other suggestions for topics or speakers, or even if you'd like to give a talk.

Here is Prof. Dan Margalit's webpage, which may be extremely helpful for you:

Here's a list of workshops : 


10/27/2015: Navigating Graduate School by Dr. Bapat
10/20/2015: Networking, CV and Website Content by Dr. Patel
09/22/2015: Your Online Presence: Building Your Webpage by Kyle Kloster, Eddie Price


04/23/2015: Research at CDC by Dr. Andrew Hill
04/07/2015: NSF Funding by Professor Andrew Pollington
03/23/2015: Navigating the Hiring Process by Professor Danielli
02/25/2015: Industry or Academia? by Professor Selby
02/02/2015: Elevator Pitch
11/04/2014: Updating Your CV/Resume by Tamara Clarkson
10/28/2014: The Paper Writing Process by Dr. Datchev
10/07/2014: How to Get an Academic Job by Professor Cowen
09/29/2014: Writing Your Research/Teaching Statements by Dr. Goldberg
09/09/2014: Research Panel - Dr. Bell, Dr. McReynolds, Dr. Patel, Dr. Quitalo


11/05/2013: Jobs and Research at the CDC by Dr. John Glasser
10/16/2013: Preparing Grant Proposals by Professor Goins
09/10/2013 : Plan B Options by Professor Boutin


03/18/2013 : MATLAB by Benjamin Wiles
02/25/2013 : How to teach math by Professor Bell
02/18/2013 : BibTexing by Jorge Alfaro-Murillo
02/04/2013 : Can you "Talk the Talk"? by Mark Allen
11/06/2012 :  Career Planning  by Professor Danielli
10/16/2012 : LaTeX Demystified by Professor Goins            

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