Breaking the Glass Ceiling Permanently

JMM AWM Panel             1/10/2015 at 2:15-3:40 pm           216A Convention Center

Over the past century, women mathematicians have achieved unprecedented success.   Universities that never hired women before, now have women faculty in their ranks.   Departments that rarely promoted women before, now have women who are tenured full professors.   Institutes that didn't exist before, are now being directed by women mathematicians.    In every field of mathematics, there are key results, cited daily, that were proven by women.    Despite these great strides, young women today encounter many of the same hurdles that the women before them had to face.   In this panel we will discuss how successful women mathematicians, at all levels, can work to break through the glass ceiling and bring the next generation of women through with them.


     Bettye Anne Case (Larson Prof, Florida State University, emerita)
      * Deleram Kahrobaei (Assoc Prof, CUNY GC & City Tech)
      * Kathryn Leonard (Assoc Prof, California State University at Channel Islands)
     Christina Sormani (Prof, CUNY GC & Lehman College)


      Christina Sormani (Prof,  CUNY GC and Lehman College) 


        * Lenore Blum (Dist Prof, Carnegie Mellon) 
       Estela Gavosto (Director, University of Kansas)
       Susan Hermiller (Prof, U Nebraska) 
       Megan Kerr (Prof, Wellesley College)
       Joan Leitzel (Past President, Univ of New Hampshire) 
      Maura Mast, (Associate Vice-Provost of Undergraduate Studies, U Mass Boston)
        * Jill Pipher (Director of ICERM) 
      Marie Vitulli (Prof Emerita, U. Oregon)

            * regrets that she cannot attend the live panel at the JMM

Audio recording of this panel is here.
Outline of the topics discussed is here.
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