AWM Photo Gallery
1998 Toronto Workshop

The Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) 1998 Summer Workshop was held in Toronto, Canada in conjunction with the SIAM Annual meeting. Our president, Sylvia Wiegand, took lots of pictures that we are happy to share with you here.

Pictures: Sylvia Wiegand
Layout: Tamara G. Kolda
August, 1998

Careers Minisymposium

The AWM sponsored a minisymposium on "Career Planning and Career Experiences." This minisymposium featured four mathematicians/computer scientists in a variety of careers. The speakers discussed their career experiences and their work and gave advice on career planning. Two speakers are pictured below; the remaining speakers were  Joan Feigenbaum, AT&T Research, and Maria Klawe, University of British Columbia.

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Speaker Karin Remington (left), NIST, talks about "Working for the Taxpayer."

Peter Castro (right), Kodak, discusses "real" industrial mathematics.

Standing room only! (below).

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"Postdoc" Minisymposiums

The AWM sponsored three minisymposiums on Mathematics Biology, Discrete Math & Modeling, and PDE's. These minisymposia featured speakers in the first five years of their careers. 

Mathematical Biology: Meghan Burke, Kennesaw State; Zhilian Feng, Purdue; Ramit Mehr, Princeton; and Rebecca Tyson, Univ. Washington.

Discrete Math & Modeling: Katherine St. John, Santa Clara Univ.; Sharon Crook, Montana State; Joan Remski, Univ. Michigan, Dearborn; and Graciela M. Cerezo, Virginia Tech.

PDE's: Anne C. Gilbert, AT&T Research & Yale; Emei W. Li, Spellman College, and Lizabeth Rachele, Purdue.

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Rebecca Tyson

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Emei W. Li

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Lizabeth Rachele

Graduate Student Poster Session

This session consisted of poster presentations by selected graduate students. AWM provided refreshments, but the crowd lasted longer than the snacks!

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Lenore Cohen (left) with presenter Jeehyun Lee (right), Iowa State Univ.

Presenter Tanya Leise, Texas A&M, describing her poster to AWM President-Elect Jean Taylor, Rutgers.

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Jamylle Laurice Carter (left), UCLA, at her poster with "postdoc" Joan Remski (right), Univ. Michigan, Dearborn.

Top Row: Glen Ledder, Univ. Nebraska; Zhilan Feng, Purdue; and presenter Holly Graf, Univ. Tennessee.

Bottom Row: "Postdoc" Ramit Mehr, Princeton; Ruth Favio, Lawrence Tech, MI; and "postdoc" Rebecca Tyson, Univ. Washington.

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Catherine Lebiedzik (left), Univ. Virginia with workshop organizer Suzanne Lenhart (right), Univ. Tennessee.

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Charlotte Knotts (left), Univ. Tennessee, at her poster.

Li Wu (right), Univ. Wyoming, at her poster.

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Tanya Leise, Texas A&M, at her poster with James Winslow (left), Univ. Toronto, and Solomon Lefshetz, Temple.

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Left to right: Renee Fister, Murray State; poster presenter Chetri Maya, Mississippi State; and Ming Ju, Indiana Univ.

Before the AWM/MAA Lecture

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The MAA MathFest was also held in Toronto, and the AWM sponsored a lecture there.

The speaker Margaret Wright (left), Bell Labs, with Suzanne Lenhart (right), Univ. Tennessee, who introduced her.