AWM Photo Gallery
2000 Joint Mathematics Meetings

January 19-22, 2000, Washington, D.C.

AWM Workshop Poster Session featuring Women Graduate Students

Strei and Lenhart
Suzanne Lenhart (AWM President-Elect, Univ. Tennessee) with Poster Presenter Theresa Strei (Nebraska-Lincoln).
Pries and Gornet
Rachael Pries (U. Penn) explains her poster to Ruth Gornet (Texas Tech.).
Linda Eroh (Western Michigan) by her poster.
Sarah Faridi (Michigan) by her poster.
Keagy and Spade
Tom Keagy visits the poster of Cynthia Spade (Northwestern).
Chan and Geller
C-Y. Jean Chan (Utah) shows off her poster to workshop co-organizer Sue Geller (Texas A&M).
Berchenko and McCrory
Irina Berchenko (Minnesota) explains her poster to Clint McCrory (Georgia).
Alexandra Smirnova (Kansas State) describes her poster to several people.
Diane Maclagan (UC Berkeley) stands by her poster.
Hollingsworth and Parker
Susan Hollingsworth (Wisconsin-Madison) explains her poster to Darren Parker (Bemidji State Univ.).
Victoria Sadovskaya (Penn State) explains her poster to an interested visitor.
Nahay and Mocioalca
John Nahay (Rutgers) visits the poster of Oana Mocioalca (Florida).
Amelia Taylor (Univ. Kansas) stands proudly by her poster.
Jennifer Ziebarth (Wisconsin-Madison) describes her poster to the surrounding group.
Not Pictured:
Michelle Grist (Colorado) and
Concetta Gomez (UC Berkeley).

AWM Workshop Research Talks by Recent Women PhDs

Sormani, Hunsicker, and Johnston
Christina Sormani (Lehman College CUNY), Eugénie Hunsicker (Lawrence Univ.) and Heather Johnston (U. Mass.). Not pictured: Monique Chyba (Princeton).
Jennofer Courter (Colorado College).
Laurie Heyer, Univ. Southern California.
Tiziana Giorgi (Towson Univ.).
Judy Walker (Nebraska-Lincoln).

AWM Panel Discussion: How To Increase the Number of Tenured Women in Mathematics Departments

Elaine Hansen
Elaine Hansen,
Haverford College.
Maria Klawe
Maria Klawe,
Dean of Science,
Univ. British Columbia.
Peter Sarnak
Peter Sarnak,
Math Dept,
Millie Dresselhaus
Millie Dresselhaus,
Insititute Professor,
Karen Uhlenbeck
Karen Uhlenbeck,
Univ. Texas at Austin.

AWM Panel Discussion: Launching a Career in Mathematics

Panel Session
Pam Cook (Delaware), Jennifer L. McGreevey (U.S. Dept. of Defense), Helen G. Grundman (Bryn Mawr), Sue Geller (Texas A&M) and Jodie Novak (Univ. Northern Colorado).

AWM Prize Winners

Mariana Campbell
Schafer Prize Winner: Mariana E. Campbell (Univ. California at San Diego).
Not pictured: Joan Ferrini-Mundy (Michigan State), Louise Hay Award Recipient.
Schafer Prize Awardees
Schafer Prize Runner-Ups (RU) and Honorable Mentions (HM) from left to right: Sarah Dean (RU, Duke University), Beth Robinson (RU, Carleton College), Jean Taylor (AWM President, Rutgers University), Jaclyn Kohles (HM, Nebraska-Lincoln), Camilla Smith (HM, Michigan State), and Fumei Lam (HM, California-Berkeley).

AWM Noether Lecture

Taylor, Wright, and Lenhart
Jean Taylor (AWM President, Rutgers), Margaret Wright (2000 Emmy Noether Lecturer, Bell Labs), and Suzanne Lenhart (AWM President-Elect, Univ. Tennessee)

AMS-AWM-SIAM Special Session on Linear Algebra and Optimization

Special Session
From left to right: Yuying Li (Cornell), Tamara Kolda (Sandia National Labs), Ilse Ipsen (North Carolina State Univ), Virginia Torczon (William & Mary), Margaret Wright (2000 Emmy Noether Lecturer and Session Organizer, Bell Labs), Jane Cullum (Los Alamos National Lab), Niloufer Mackey (Western Michigan Univ.), Anne Greenbaum (Univ. Washington), Dianne O'Leary (Session Organizer, Maryland), Misha Kilmer (Tufts Univ.)

AWM Thanks

Dawn Wheeler and Doug Farquhar
Dawn Wheeler and Doug Farquhar

Thanks to Gail Ratcliff (Univ. Missouri, St. Louis), Catherine Roberts (Northern Arizona Univ.) and Sue Geller (Texas A&M) for organizing the workshop.

Thanks to Dawn Wheeler and Doug Farquhar (pictured left) for providing staff support.

Thanks to all the individuals who have volunteered their time to be mentors, discussion group leaders, and panelists.

Thanks to the Office of Naval Research (ONR) and the National Science Foundation (NSF) for their financial support of the AWM workshop.