AWM Photo Gallery
1998 Baltimore Workshop

Pictures from the Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) 1998 Winter Workshop,
held January, 1998 in conjuncation with the AMS/MAA Joint Meetings.

Pictures: Sylvia Wiegand
Layout: Tamara G. Kolda
August, 1998

balt98-1.jpg (16013 bytes) After Noether Lecture

Back row: Noether lecturer Dusa McDuff (CUNY - Stoneybrook), Karen Smith (Univ. Michigan and special AWM speaker at Atlanta Mathfest 96), Cora Sadosky (Howard Univ. and past AWM President).

Bottom row: Syliva Wiegand (AWM President, Univ. Nebraska) and Lisa Traynor (Bryn Mawr).

Deborah Hughes-Hallet

AWM Hay Award winner.

From Harvard Univ.

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balt98-2.jpg (10763 bytes) AWM Past Presidents

Alice Schafer (Marymount) and Rhonda Hughes (Bryn Mawr).

AWM/MER Session

Ginger Warfield (Univ. Washington) introducing Richard Phillips (Michigan State Univ.).


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balt98-4.jpg (14767 bytes) Award for Schafer

AWM Past President Alice Schafer receiving MAA prize for distinguished service with Gerald Alexander, MAA President.

AWM Schafer Prize

Back row: AWM Schafer Prize Co-Winner Jessica Shepherd (Utah), AWM Newsletter Editor Anne Leggett, and MAA President Jerry Alexandersen.

Front row: Past AWM President Alice Schafer (Marymount), AWM President Sylvia Wiegand (Univ. Nebraska), and AWM Schafer Prize Co-Winner Sharon Lozano (Univ. Texas)

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