Open to:
Women holding a doctorate (or equivalent) with a U.S. work address
Grant amount: Up to 7 grants, in amounts up to $5,000 each
Application deadline: February 1 (Application sites open approximately 45 days in advance of the deadline.)

There are a variety of reasons to encourage interaction between mathematicians and educational researchers. National reports recommend encouraging collaboration between mathematicians and researchers in education and related fields in order to improve the education of teachers and students. Communication between mathematicians and educational researchers is often poor and second-hand accounts of research in education can be misleading. Particularly relevant to the AWM is the fact that high-profile panels of mathematicians and educational researchers rarely include women mathematicians.

Women mathematicians who wish to collaborate with an educational researcher or to learn about educational research may use the mentoring grants to travel to collaborate with or be mentored by a mathematics education researcher. In order to be considered for one of the mentor travel grants, a mathematics applicant must hold a doctorate in mathematics. A mentor should hold a doctorate in mathematics education or in a related field such as psychology or curriculum and instruction. The applicant’s research must be in a field which is supported by the Division of Mathematical Sciences of the National Science Foundation.

Selection Procedure. All awards will be determined on a competitive basis by a selection panel consisting of distinguished mathematicians and mathematics education researchers appointed by the AWM. AWM expects to award up to seven grants, in amounts up to $5,000 each. Awardees may request to use any unexpended funds for further travel to work with the same individual during the following year. In such cases, a formal request must be submitted by the following February 1 to the selection committee or funds will be released for re-allocation. (Applicants for mentoring travel grants may in exceptional cases receive up to two such grants throughout their careers, possibly in successive years; each such grant would require a new proposal and would go through the usual competition.) For foreign travel, US air carriers must be used (exceptions only per federal grants regulations; prior AWM approval required).

Eligibility. Applicants must be women holding a doctorate or equivalent and with a work address in the USA (or home address if unemployed). The applicant’s research must be in an area supported by DMS. Click here for the list of research areas supported by NSF/DMS.


Step 1: All applicants must first complete the online pre-survey. The pre-survey is conducted by an independent evaluator. The pre-survey responses are not shared with AWM Selection Panel. After you have completed the pre-survey you will have access to the online application.


Step 2: All applications must be submitted via the online application system. The application requirements and a complete step-by-step process are available on the online site. If you have not already done so you must first create a user account – this will be the first screen when you access the site. During the application process you will be asked to attach one PDF file that includes your research proposal, CV and current and pending funding, if applicable. In a second step you will be asked to attach one PDF file that includes the proposed mentor’s letter of support and CV.

The application materials include:

  • proposal (approximately five pages in length, references are not included in the page limit) which specifies why the proposed mentoring relationship would be particularly beneficial (see Advice for Mathematics Education Research Travel Grant Applicants)
  • a curriculum vitae (see sample biosketch & instructions). The two page limit is firmly enforced;
  • a supporting letter from the proposed mentor (who must indicate his or her availability at the proposed travel time)
  • a curriculum vitae of the proposed mentor;
  • a proposed budget which must be a separate page in your application in addition to filling in the amouts in the required fields online; and
  • current or pending funding available to the applicant. indicate if you do or do not have current and pending funding by including one of the following statements on your proposal:

a) NO, I do not have a NSF grant, other institutional or grant “current and pending funding” support that provides travel funds that could be used to fund the mentor activities as outlined in my proposal.


b) YES, I do have a NSF grant, other institutional or grant “current and pending funding” support that provides travel funds that could be used to fund the mentor activities as outlined in my proposal.  If

YES, please describe the “current and pending” travel support.  Indicate the source of the funding and the amount and relevant time period related to when the funds may be used.


Please do not hesitate to contact Jennifer Lewis at 703-934-0163, ext. 213 for guidance.

A final report will be required from each awardee which is to be submitted along with the travel reimbursement request.

Next Mentoring Travel Grant Deadline: 11:59 pm, Eastern, February 1, 2015