Open to: 
Graduate and undergraduate students 

The Villanova AWM Student Chapter with Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey

Interested in stirring up student interest in mathematics?

Start an AWM Student Chapter!

The Association for Women in Mathematics cordially invites you to form an AWM Student Chapter at your college or university. This is a great way to connect with other female mathematicians in both industry and academia! 

Why should you start a student chapter?

AWM Membership: AWM Student Chapter members get free AWM membership including a free subscription to the AWM Newsletter. 

Click here for detailed instructions.

Networking: The AWM makes special efforts to involve our Student Chapters in the math community including networking opportunities and our new AWM Speaker project

Social Media: AWM Student Chapters are playing a prominent role in shaping the presence of AWM in social media. We need you to help AWM evolve and stay current in this increasingly technological world!

Support and Outreach: An AWM Student Chapter can provide opportunities for students to meet, share common interests, provide support for each other, plan social events, provide services to the campus and the local community, and create comfortable, personalized and enriching local academic environment. For suggested student chapter activities click here.

What do AWM student chapters do?

Provide community: We hope our AWM Student chapters will become communities with an awareness of and sensitivity to the unique features – both positive and negative – of promoting gender equity in the mathematical community. Our aim is in reducing barriers for historically under-represented gender identities and gender expressions. To this end, the AWM community strongly stands by its nondiscrimination statement to create a supportive environment for all. 

Hold meetings and events: We encourage our AWM Student Chapters to hold regular meetings and events open to all undergraduate and graduate students, regardless of major or gender

Partner with other organizations: One great way for an already active department to start a student chapter is to combine it with an existing Math Club. For example, combine efforts with Pi Mu Epsilon or the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

Be awesome: Ultimately, the shape your student chapter will take is up to you and should depend on the needs and interests of your members. The AWM wants to support its student chapters in achieving their own visions. Our AWM Student Chapters inspire us as well as each other

How do you start a student chapter?

Becoming an AWM Student Chapter is easy! 

Identify Officers: To form a chapter, a group must have three students willing to serve as officers and a faculty sponsor who is an AWM member. The officers must be or become members of AWM. If they are not members at the time when the Student Chapter is created they can sign up for complimentary membership when the petition is submitted

File a formal petition: The students and the faculty sponsor must formally agree to the Student Chapter Bylaws and complete an online petition to create a student chapter. The following link takes you to a page with detailed instructions and the forms for starting your chapter

Contact if you have any questions.