Open to: An undergraduate woman who excels in mathematics
Nomination deadline: October 1, annually

2018   Libby Taylor
            Runner-up: Sameera Vemulapalli
            Honorable Mentions: Sarah Fleming, Xu Hui, Shruthi Sridhar

            Runner-up: Sarah McClain Fleming
            Honorable Mentions: Lea Kenigsberg, Gwyneth Moreland, Yen Nhi Truong Vu

2016    Mackenzie Simper

             Runner-up: Sarah Tammen

             Honorable MentionsKaavya G. Valiveti, Madeleine Weinstein 

            Runner-up:Samantha Petti
            Honorable Mention: Madeline Brandt

             Runner-up: Morgan Opie
             Honorable Mentions: Shiyu (Jing Jing) Li, Jessie Zhang

2013    MurphyKate Montee
             Runner-up: Yuhou (Susan) Xia,
             Honorable Mentions: Thao Do, Rebecca Gleit, Yangzhou Hu           
2012    Fan Wei
             Runner-up: Jennifer Iglesias
             Honorable Mentions: Victoria Akin, Meng Guo
Runner-Up: Ruthi Hortsch
Honorable Mentions: Jie Geng, Yinghui Wang, Fan Wei
2010 Hannah Alpert and Charmaine Sia (Co-Winners)
Runner-Up: Anna Lieb 
Honorable Mentions: Megan Bernstein, Ruthi Hortsch, and Laura Starkston
2009 Maria Monks 
Honorable Mentions: Doris Dobi, Nicole Larsen, Ila Varma
2008 Galyna Dobrovolska and Alison Miller (Co-Winners) 
Honorable Mentions: Naomi Brownstein, Reagin Taylor McNeill, Mary Wootters,
2007 Ana Caraiani
Runners-Up: Tamara Broderick, Yaim Cooper 
Honorable Mention: Alyson Deines
2006 Alexandra Ovetsky
Runner-Up: Allison Bishop
Honorable Mention: Ellen Gasparovic
2005 Melody Chan
Runners-Up: Margaret I. Doig and Elena Fuchs
Honorable Mention: Annalies Vuong
2004 Kimberly Spears
Runners-Up: Karola Meszaros and Jennifer Novak
Honorable Mentions: Ariel E. Barton and Elena Grigorescu
2003 Kate Gruher
Runners-Up: Wei Ho and Josephine T. Yu 
Honorable Mentions: Elizabeth F. Thoren, Annalee H. Wiswell, and Kathryn M. Zuhr
2002 Kay Kirkpatrick and Melanie Wood (Co-Winners) 
Honorable Mentions: Karen M. Lange, Sonja Mapes, Amy E. Marinello, 
Kathleen A. Ponto, and Grace C. Wang
2001 Jaclyn (Kohles) Anderson
Runners-Up: Sami Assaf and Suzanne Sindi
Honorable Mentions: Alice Chan and Crystal Hoyt
2000 Mariana E. Campbell 
Runners-Up: Sarah E. Dean and Beth Robinson
Honorable Mention: Jaclyn Kohles, Fumei Lam, and Camillia Smith
1999 Caroline J. Klivans
Honorable Mentions: Amanda Mueller, Suzanne Shontz, Laura Ciobanu, 
and Catherine S. Grasso
1998 Sharon Ann Lozano and Jessica A. Shepherd (Co-Winners) 
Runner-Up: Jie Li 
Honorable Mentions: Patience Elizabeth Moreno and Vera Peshchansky
1997 No prize awarded (due to calendar change)
1996 Ioana Dumitriu 
Runners-Up: Karen Ball and Wung-Kum Fong 
Honorable Mention
: Tara S. Holm
1995 Ruth Britto-Pacumio
Runners-Up: Wung-Kum Fong, Nancy Heinschel, and Jessica Wachter 
Honorable Mentions
: Tara E. Brendle and Karen Shuman
1994 Jing Rebecca Li 
Runner-up: Patricia Hersh, Julia J. Rehmeyer, and Nina Zipser
Honorable Mentions: Jennifer M. Switkes and Yi Wang
1993 Catherine H. O'Neil and Dana Pascovici (Co-Winners) 
Runners-Up: Melissa Aczon and Susan W. Goldstine
Honorable Mentions: Karin Dorman, Rebecca Field, Laura Ann Glenn, 
and Jennifer Slimowitz
1992 Zvezdelina E. Stankova 
Runner-Up: Julie B. Kerr 
Honorable Mentions: Marcia Geiger, Cheryl P. Grood, Kristine Hauser, 
Laura Hegerle, Eugenie Hunsicker, Mary C. Joyce, Martha J. Mancewicz, 
Jennifer Williams, and Virginia E. Wright
1991 Jeanne Nielsen Clelland 
Runner-Up: Zvezdelina Stankova 
Honorable Mentions: Sarah Marie Belcastro, Debra Boutin, Cheryl Grood, 
Karen King, Speranta Marcu, Edith Mooers, Jessica Polito, and Diana Thomas 
Special Recognitions:Yick Chan, Millie Niss
1990 Linda Green and Elizabeth Wilmer (Co-Winners) 
Honorable Mentions: Jennifer Beineke, Urmi Bhattacharya, Hope Concannon, 
Colleen Gallagher, Lela Hill, Judy Leavitt, Jennifer McLean, Jeanne Nielsen Clelland, 
Natalie Thurman, and Ileana Vasu 
Special Recognition: Julie B. Kerr