Marie A. Vitulli

Marie A. Vitulli is Professor Emerita of Mathematics at the University of Oregon.  She received her B.A. degree with highest distinction from the University of Rochester and her M.A. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Pennsylvania.  Upon completing the Ph.D. degree Dr. Vitulli joined the faculty at the University of Oregon and remained there for her entire academic career. Dr. Vitulli has made original and important contributions to commutative algebra and its interactions with algebraic geometry. Over her long career she has worked tirelessly for the advancement of women in mathematics. Prof. Vitulli has published numerous research articles and book chapters and has lectured on her work throughout the United States, Europe, and South Africa. 

After her early work in deformation theory Vitulli turned her attention to the study of seminormality and weak normality for commutative rings and algebraic varieties.  In a series of papers with her colleague John V. Leahy, she developed fundamental properties of seminormality and made connections to the theory of weakly normal complex analytic spaces. More recently Vitulli discovered an elegant new element-wise criterion for weak subintegrality.  Along with her colleague D.K. Harrison, she developed a unified valuation theory for rings with zero divisors that generalized both Krull and Archimedean valuations.

While at Oregon, Dr. Vitulli worked in many ways to improve opportunities for women in mathematics. She was involved in the creation and administration of a scholarship program for undergraduate women in mathematics and the physical sciences.  Professor Vitulli created and maintains the award-winning website Women in Math Web Project.