Results of the 2010 AWM Essay Contest Biographies of Contemporary Women in Mathematics

posted Oct 8, 2010, 5:59 AM by AWM Web Editor   [ updated Dec 8, 2010, 11:19 AM ]
A message from the contest organizers: Due to a tenfold increase in participation in the AWM Essay Contest this year over previous years, the judging process for this contest was delayed. The contest organizers apologize for this delay.


“Ms. Lynn Pippenger: Adding It Up from Accounting to Finance Executive”
By: Honor Lucy Adamson Bailey, St. Petersburg High School
Largo, FL

Undergraduate Level Winner

“Jan de Regt, Senior Systems Engineer Systems Engineering = How her mind"
By: Corinne Ducey, Smith College
Silver Spring, MD

Undergraduate Level Honorable Mention

“Mathematics in Finance: A Biography of Rachael Mangoubi”
By: Daniela Guini, Harrington College of Design
Chicago, IL

High School Level Winner

Same as Grand Prize Winner

High School Level Honorable Mention

“Dr. Sarah Wheelan: ‘I always wanted to be a writer’”
By: Kelly Barbara Buckley, The Key School
Annapolis, MD

Middle School Level Winner

“Math is More Than Just Numbers: Biography of Professor Jenny Baglivo”
By: Ada Li, Walter S. Parker Middle School
Reading, MA

Middle School Level Honorable Mention