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The Association for Women in Mathematics sponsors a variety of programs and awards to encourage girls and women in the mathematical sciences. 


  • Organizing meetings in cooperation with AWM - AWM often cooperates with mathematics institutes or other associations in organizing conferences. Inquiries about organizing a conference in cooperation with AWM should be sent to awm@awm-math.org.
  • Workshops for Women Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Mathematicians - Since 1988, the AWM has held a series of workshops in conjunction with major mathematics meetings to highlight the accomplishments of women graduate students and recent Ph.D.'s. Join us at the annual Joint Mathematics Meetings, the SIAM annual meeting, and other special events.
  • Travel Grants for Women Researchers - The travel grants program enables women to attend research conferences in their fields, thereby providing a valuable opportunity to advance their research activities and their visibility in the research community.
  • Mentoring Travel Grants for Women - The mentoring grants program funds travel, subsistence, and other required expenses for an untenured woman mathematician to travel to an institute or a department to do research with a specified individual for one month.  


  • Noether Lectures - The Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) and the American Mathematical Society (AMS) annually presents the Noether Lectures to honor women who have made fundamental and sustained contributions to the mathematical sciences.
  • Falconer Lectures - The Association for Women in Mathematics and the Mathematical Association of America annually present the Etta Z. Falconer Lectures to honor women who have made distinguished contributions to the mathematical sciences or mathematics education.
  • Kovalevsky Lectures - The Association for Women in Mathematics and the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics annually present the Sonia Kovalevsky Lecture at the SIAM Annual Meeting to honor a woman who has made distinguished contributions in applied or computational mathematics.


  • Sonia Kovalevsky High School Mathematics Days - Sonia Kovalevsky Days have been organized by AWM and institutions around the country since 1985. They consist of a program of workshops, talks, and problem-solving competitions for high school women students and their teachers, both women and men.
  • Teacher Partnership - links teachers of mathematics in schools, museums, technical institutes, two-year colleges, and universities with other teachers working in an environment different from their own and with mathematicians working in business and industry.
  • Mentor Network - matches mentors, both men and women, with girls and women who are interested in mathematics or are pursuing careers in mathematics. The network is intended to link mentors with a variety of groups: recent Ph.D.s, graduate students, undergraduates, high school and grade school students, and teachers.
  • AWM Essay Contest: Biographies of Contemporary Women in Mathematics – AWM and Math for America sponsor an annual contest to increase awareness of women's ongoing contributions to the mathematical sciences. Open to any student in grade 6 through college undergraduate, entries are biographies of contemporary women mathematicians and statisticians in academic, industrial, and government careers.
  • AWM Student Chapters -  hold regular meetings and events, open to all undergraduate and graduate students, regardless of major or gender. These meetings and activities allow students to be exposed to the world of professional mathematics, to obtain information about the varied career options in mathematics, to network with professional mathematicians, and to develop leadership skills. 


  • Alice T. Schafer Prize - Awarded annually to an undergraduate woman for excellence in mathematics. Past recipients include Ioana Dumitriu who went on to be the first female to score in the top six in the Putnam Mathematics Competition. 
  • Louise Hay Award - Awarded annually to recognize the outstanding achievements of a woman in mathematics education. Past recipients include Etta Z. Falconer, a major figure in promoting minorities as well as women in mathematics.

  • Humphreys Award - Awarded annually to recognize the outstanding mentorship activities of a woman in the mathematical sciences.
  • Ruth I. Michler Memorial Prize - Awarded annually to a midcareer woman to facilitate a semester of mathematical research at Cornell University.
  • AWM-Birman Research Prize - Awarded every other year to recognize exceptional research in topology/geometry by a woman early in her career.
  • AWM-Microsoft Research Prize - Awarded every other year to recognize exceptional research in algebra/number theory by a woman early in her career.
  • AWM-Sadosky Research Prize - Awarded every other year to recognize exceptional research in analysis by a woman early in her career.
  • AWM Dissertation Prize - Awarded annually to recognize up to three outstanding Ph.D. dissertations presented by female mathematical scientists.


  • AWM Scholars at AAAS Meeting - Up to six women students will be chosen to attend the AAAS Annual Meeting. There will be daily seminars for these students, where they will discuss the content of the mathematical sessions that have occurred and are about to occur, both with each other and with some of the session organizers and speakers.
  • Connecting Women in Mathematical Sciences to Industry - This program, jointly sponsored by the IMA and AWM, will connect approximately 60 female graduate students in the mathematical sciences with women mathematicians in industry.

  • AWM (Co-)Sponsored Conferences - The AWM in conjunction with a variety of co-sponsors has held a number of conferences including a Kovalevsky Symposium, a Noether Symposium, the Robinson Celebration and the Taussky Todd Celebration..