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  • The American Mathematical Society website provides links and information for students in high school, undergraduate and graduate school. http://www.ams.org/careers/
  • Short video and career information from WeUseMath.org on uses of mathematics.
  • The careers section of the Mathematical Association of America describes popular careers that involve mathematics with links to further information about each. A book published by the MAA describes 101 Careers in Mathematics. The Career Profiles page has links to profiles of people in different mathematical careers from Academic & Teaching to Sales & Marketing. Its brochure We Do Math! describes eight non-academic careers that use mathematics.
  • The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics has a 21-page brochure called Careers in Applied Mathematics...Alternatives to Academia for STEM Majors with descriptions of careers, profiles of people in those careers, and further resources.
  • The American Statistical Association has a 20-page brochure called Careers in Statistics: A World of Opportunity describing what statistics is, how it is used in various occupations, how to become a statistician, and further resources.
  • The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics “Be a Math Teacher.”
  • Career Planning Resources for Mathematics from the Sloan Career Cornerstone Center has sections tailored to students from middle school to graduate school, counselors, parents, teachers, and graduates. This includes diversity-related resources and resources for girls and women.
  • The Mathematical Sciences in 2025 is a report from the National Research Council that reviews the current state of the mathematical sciences in the United States and makes recommendations for the future in light of the increasingly cross-disciplinary nature of the mathematical sciences.
  • Careers That Count is a short booklet produced by AWM in 1991 that profiles women with careers in the mathematical sciences and gives a list of books with further information about mathematics and mathematical people.
  • Women in Statistics is a 1-page guide to information about careers in statistics from the American Statistical Association.
  • Winning essays about women with careers in mathematics from the AWM essay contest.