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For information on meetings that have already met this status, visit the Approved Meetings page.


AWM encourages individuals or organizations to seek “in cooperation” status for conferences, meetings or events that make a significant effort to promote women in mathematics. 

AWM will consider requests from individuals and organizations that

  • agree that AWM bears no financial or legal liability,
  • have at least one AWM representative on the organizing committee and involves AWM in the conference, meeting or event planning,
  • make a significant effort to promote women (or girls as appropriate) in mathematics through programmatic features or participant and speaker selection,
  • are attentive to diversity issues,
  • will offer AWM members the same registration fees offered to members of the sponsoring organization

A formal request must be submitted to awm@awm-math.org.  The request should include the location, dates, subject, program outline, costs to participants, sponsoring organizations, list of organizers and the potential benefits to AWM and its members. Please also include the timeline for planning and participating in the conference, meeting or event. The requesting organization or individuals must get AWM’s approval for use of the “in cooperation with AWM“ status in grant proposals seeking funding for the conference, meeting or event.

They further agree to

  • list "in cooperation with AWM" with a link to the the AWM website www.awm-math.org on conference, meeting or event announcements and programs
  • the terms of the Statement of Non-Discrimination at AWM activities and will include the following in the event program and on the event website. “This conference supports the Welcoming Environment Statement (include a link to the statement) of the Association for Women in Mathematics"