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AWM Endorsement of the 2017 March for Science

On April 22, 2017, STEM advocates from all over the country will come together in D.C. to join the March for Science in celebration of science. Scientific research impacts so many aspects of our lives.  Advances have led to innovative medical solutions, a stronger understanding of our environment, discoveries of new planets beyond our solar system, new job opportunities, and so much more. In recognition of the value of science, the AWM endorses the March for Science and strongly encourages its members to participate in D.C. or in one of the satellite marches across the United States.

AWM’s purpose is to encourage women and girls to study and have active careers in the mathematical sciences, and to promote equal opportunity and the equal treatment of women and girls in mathematical sciences. The March for Science has earned AWM’s endorsement because of their stated core principle of promoting diversity and inclusion in STEM. As a non-partisan organization, AWM encourages discourse among its members--and with the greater mathematics and STEM communities--as we all work towards meaningful actions that support these aims.

The March for Science is an opportunity to express our strong commitment to scientific and mathematical research, education, outreach, and applications.  As AWM looks to the future, we recognize the need for strong voices advocating for fundamental issues concerning the sciences.  The March for Science is one such opportunity to invite new voices to become involved, and we encourage AWM student chapters to participate.

In issuing this statement, the AWM affirms its support for science education, funding for scientific research,  and science based policies.

The National Math Festival (a biennial event, now in its second iteration) coincides with The March for Science. This important event for math enthusiasts will take place in downtown Washington, D.C., with satellite events around the country. The AWM encourages members to support these events nationally. As a program collaborator for the National Math Festival, the AWM is organizing the hands-on-activity “What's the Meaning of Life? Find out..." based on a mathematical game created by John H. Conway. The NMF highlights the many STEM events happening in the D.C.-area around April 22, so check out how you can participate in the many-tiered events that celebrate math and STEM this April!