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Statement on Sexual Harassment

Statement on Sexual Harassment of the Association for Women in Mathematics

Sexual harassment occurs around the world, in and out of academe.  The mathematics community is not immune. 

Sexual harassment can be demoralizing and destructive for the victim.  It has grave consequences for our profession, contributing to loss of talent and alienation of women and men from mathematical professions. 

Sexual harassment can take many forms and its legal definition differs according to country.  The 2005 American Association of University Professors Legal Primer ( summarizes the legal situation for the US academic context. 

EEOC guidelines ( note:  “It generally is necessary for employers to establish, publicize, and enforce anti-harassment policies and complaint procedures.” 

The AWM endorses the principles that institutional and organizational policies should address sexual harassment and that policies on sexual harassment should be actively enforced.   AWM endorses the AAUP guidelines for academic institutions “Sexual Harassment: Suggested Policy and Procedure for Handling Complaints” (