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AWM Childcare Statement

It is often critical to parents with young children that onsite childcare be made available at technical meetings, but there is little uniformity in the practice of providing childcare. A list of principles supported by the Association for Women in Mathematics follows.

Large society-sponsored national meetings: 
Onsite childcare should be available for the children of participants, and a room should be provided for the use of nursing mothers. Information about these facilities should be prominently displayed along with other details of the conference. 
Reasonable prices are necessary to make it feasible for parents to use these services; we applaud the American Mathematical Society and the Mathematical Association of America for subsidizing costs at the annual Joint Mathematical Meetings and encourage other societies to do the same.

Small conferences: 
At small meetings, it is not always possible to provide onsite childcare. The local organizers should be prepared to provide details of local childcare options for parents who need this service. The fact that child care information is available on request should be communicated to all potential conference participants well in advance of the conference.

The above statement was approved by the Executive Committee of the Association for Women in Mathematics in November 2010. [The statement was prepared by Evelyn Sander on behalf of the Policy and Advocacy committee.]