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1995 Resolution on Proposition 187 for P&A Webpage

The following is provided for archival purposes:

Resolution on Proposition 187

Passed January 4, 1995 by the Executive Committee of the Association for Women in Mathematics

Whereas the voters of the State of California passed Proposition 187 in November 1994, removing access of undocumented aliens to many social services, including public education.

Whereas this Proposition directs in particular that teachers in the state report to the Immigration and Naturalization Service the names of any students who may be undocumented, and many California teachers at all levels have declared their willingness to risk imprisonment by defying this requirement.

Whereas this proposition encourages discriminatory and divisive behavior toward Hispanics and Asians, thereby creating a hostile environment for all and placing California teachers in a moral quandary.

Whereas the Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) has a deep commitment to providing access to mathematics education to all.

Therefore, be it resolved that AWM opposes the denial of basic benefits such as education and health services to persons on the basis of immigration status.

Be it further resolved that, should California enforce the provisions of Proposition 187, AWM will urge the American Mathematical Society (AMS), the Mathematical Association of America (MAA), and other mathematical societies not to schedule any meetings within the state during this enforcement.