Links for Women in Mathematics and Mathematics in General

The Clayman Institute for Gender Research | Stanford University

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The Clayman Institute offers a broad range of resources on their website for the dual career challenge.

AWM Bibliography

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Listing of books recommended by our web site visitors and reviewed in past AWM Newsletters.

Math Forum: Key Issues - Women and Mathematics

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A useful collections of hyperlinks for Mathematicians and Mathematics Educators.

Women in Mathematics: Resources and Other Useful Stuff

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An excellent site sponsored and maintained by the Committee for Women in Mathematics of the Canadian Mathematical Society.

Women and Mathematics Network Information Server

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Serving a network for winning women into mathematics. An activity of the Mathematical Association of America (MAA) Committee for the Participation of Women.

Combined Membership List for AMS/MAA/SIAM

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Search for a mathematician's address, email, or home page.

Mathematics Information Servers -

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An award-winning list of math department home pages, journals, and preprint servers maintained by the Penn State Mathematics Department.

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