Statement from AWM President, Ami Radunskaya, regarding Department of Education Secretary Betsy Devos’ draft proposal overhauling existing regulations governing Title IX, the federal law that prohibits sex discrimination in education:

In keeping with the mission of the AWM to support women and girls in mathematics, we are very concerned that existing protections for victims of sexual assault may be threatened by new policies. We encourage the Department of Education to enact policies that protect against sexual harassment on college campuses and all schools under their jurisdiction, and to support the recovery of survivors. We ask the Department of Education to ensure that survivors' protections and rights are not diminished. We believe that schools must be held to clear and high standards for promoting safe learning environments, should strive to make campuses free of sexual harassment in any form, and should have clear, consistent, and robust procedures for handling complaints. The AWM will continue to advocate for gender equity in all aspects of education; we cannot go backwards.



  • Professor Betül Tanbay

    The Association for Women in Mathematics joins the European Mathematical Society and other organizations in their protest of the detention of Professor Betül Tanbay on November 16, 2018. 

    According to the New York Times, Professor Tanbay was being questioned over links to the Anatolia Culture Association.  Pofessor Tanbay was released from custody on November 17, but the AWM remains concerned for her safety. 

    Professor Tanbay is a mathematician of international repute. A prominent member of the European Mathematical Society, she is due to assume the role of Vice President in January, 2019.  The EMS describes Professor Tanbay as "a talented scientist and teacher, a former President of the Turkish Mathematical Society, an open-minded citizen … it is preposterous to suggest that she could be involved in violent or criminal activities."  

    We are appalled at this treatment of Professor Tanbay and join her colleagues in demanding that she - and others in her position -  be treated with decency and fairness. We unequivocally stand in solidarity with her and appeal to those in power to ensure her safety.

    Posted by AWM Web Editor
  • Deep Concern about the Location of ICM2022
    AWM President Ami Radunskaya sent a letter to the ICM Organizing Committee, asking them to rethink their choice of St Petersburg, Russia, an unsafe location for the LGBTQ community.
    Posted Nov 14, 2018, 8:15 AM by AWM Web Editor
  • AWM Concern for Transgender Civil Rights Protections

    Recent news articles describe proposals by the current administration to narrow the definition of gender so that it is determined completely by biological characteristics at the time of birth.  Such a move would deny recognition to transgender people and impact their protection and rights under Title IX and other federal laws.   While we do not know what course of action the federal government will ultimately pursue, we recognize that this administration has a clear and persistent record of revoking the hard-won rights of transgender people and the LGBTQ community in general. The AWM stands by our commitment to provide an inclusive, supportive community for all self-identified cis or transgender women, and, more generally, for non-binary or gender non-conforming individuals.

    Posted Oct 30, 2018, 7:36 AM by AWM Web Editor
  • The AWM Congratulates Nobel Laureates Strickland and Arnold

    The AWM congratulates two inspirational women for their outstanding achievements which were recognized by the 2018 Nobel Committee. Donna Strickland was awarded the Nobel Prize in physics for her work in generating high-intensity, ultra-short, optical pulses. Strickland, who is the third woman to win the Nobel Prize in physics, won the award jointly with Gérard Mourou. Additionally, Frances Arnold became the fifth woman to win the Nobel Prize in chemistry for her work on the directed evolution of enzymes.


    We are excited and proud as fellow women in STEM to celebrate the extraordinary achievements of these two women, along with the dedication required to pursue their scholarship.

    Posted Oct 31, 2018, 6:17 AM by AWM Web Editor
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